Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Ohmigoooooddnesssssss!!!!! So today I got my braces off!!! WOOT WOOT! I'm soo happy!! It was really painful getting them taken off, but it was worth every minute of it. My retainer is clear with silver sparkles, and its top and bottom. It makes it really hard to talk, but I'll get used to it. Braces were definitely worth it though, my teeth look soo straight!!!

So I have more news....

Okay, so when my mom and I were driving home from the orthodontist, her friend texted her and said she has a dog (well, its kind of a long story. It's one of my moms friends, but another one of my moms friends dogs.) My moms friend (first one mentioned) is trying to find a home for this dog. So she texted my mom, asking if we were interested. We weren't at first, but one we saw a picture, my mom and i were hooked. My moms friend brought him over later, and we all loved him. So, tomorrow.... *drumroll...* the dog, Oscar, is coming to his now permanant home... OUR HOUSE!!! I'm soooo excited!!!! I posted a picture on the side. He's coming tomorrow at 1:00. Lizzi is coming over at 3:30 to sleepover! Ahhh! Tomorrow is going to be SUCH a good day. We were going to go to LBI for the day, but I think the plans were worth changing :).


Monday, August 10, 2009

Shall I Start By Apologizing?

Heyy! Ohmigosh I haven't posted forever!! I have been super busy lately. 2 weekends ago we were in LBI for a couple days. I had so much fun! Linda brought her dogs, Lucy and Macho. They're huge golden doodles, but yet adorable. It was Emelei and my job to walk them the whole time we were there. I didn't mind it though. They're so much fun to walk! We went to the beach everyday, then stayed in for dinner. It was very relaxing. 

When we got back, we didn't do much until Tuesday. Okay, that's only one day to spare (Monday). Haha. We were seeing Wicked on Broadway on Wednesday, and we had two extra tickets. I brought Lizzi.  She slept over Tuesday night because we left to go to New York City early Wednesday morning. We had a lot of fun at the sleepover, but made a bad choice to stay up until 2:50 AM. Hahaha. Oh well. We drove into NYC. Lizzi got super carsick, so she slept most of the way, while Emelei and I were anticipating the show! Once we got into NYC, we parked and walked to the show. The show was absolutely amazing. I LOVEDDD it soo much. The stage. Actors. Set design. Everything was incredible! I loved it so much we're going to see it again for my birthday. Haha! When we went out to dinner after the show, we were sitting at a table next to 2 stars from Dancing With The Stars!! It was soo cool!

Over the weekend, I went to Six Flags. It was okayy.... really hot and crowded. We got there kinda late so the lines were really long. Like the line for El Toro was 3 hours. But whatev. We still had a lot of fun.

Today I didn't do much. I woke up kinda late, then went to the pool with Emelei, Tori, Kyle and Jaden. We all had a lot of fun though haha. The only thing was... it was soo hot outside today. It said it was 93, but then it said it felt like 103. Wow!! Hahaa. 

Wednesday I'm getting my braces off!!! I'm so excited. I have had them on for almost three years, and now its all over!!! They're. Coming. Off!!! WOO HOO! Hahaa sorry... can you tell I'm excited?!?! Haha!!

I'll post again either tomorrow or Wednesday.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

Heyy! I got home from Florida late Sunday night. I had an amazing time! After Lizzi came, Thursday and Friday we went snorkeling! It was so much fun. The water was nice and warm, and it was really clear!! We saw a bunch of different fish, including barracudas! they were scary! My favorite was the zebra fish. They were reaslly big with the body shape of an angel fish, but with the pattern of a zebra. They were so pretty. The parrot fish were gorgeous too. Parrot fish have such bright and vibrant colors!

We took a bunch of underwater pictures, both in the pool and while snorkeling. Once I get them developed I'll scan them into the computer and post them.

While we were at the airport, a huge storm came in. Our plane was delayed for over an hour. We were going to get another flight for the next day, but then it stopped getting delayed because the storm was letting up. To kill time, we ate dinner and played golf in the airport. It was really fun. The plane ride home was okay. There was a lot of lightening, so our pilot was dodging it. That part was really scary!! All the sudden, you felt the plane drop to avoid the lightening. Eeks!!

As much as I miss Florida, I'm glad to be home!

Oh, Congratulations on your engagement Samantha and Tito! I can't wait until the wedding!!!


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Florida Fun

Heyy! Sorry I haven't updated... I just got internet connection. I finally got to West Palm Beach!!! So far it has been amazingly fun. It's only the 3rd day and I have an awesome TAN *not sunburn* hahahaha. Right now I'm sitting outside by the pool. I went swimming at 8 AM this morning and just got out for lunch. This is what we basically have been doing the whole time!! Hahaha. 

OMG! Lizzi comes here on Wednesday!!!! I'm sooooo excited!! We're going to have so much fun. I know it already!! I'm not sure what day yet, but we're going to go snorkaling at Peanut Island! Woo hoo!

Sorry for this quick, boring post. I'm going back into the pool.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So Much To Do, So Little Time!

Heyy! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been super busy lately. Here is a quick recap!!

This past weekend Jack, Emelei, Joni, my Mom and I went to Ocean City, Maryland, with Chelsea's family for Chelsea's birthday. I had so much fun! We went tubing during the day both days, and I got thrown off so much. We were going so fast and it hurt really bad!! One time when I got thrown off my whole body skipped across the water 4 times before I eventually plunged in. I have numerous bruises, but it was so much fun! Chelsea, Jodi and I took the waverunner into the ocean and we hit a lot of big waves. For Chelsea's birthday dinner, we went on a boat ride that the restaurant like provided or something. There was a lot of people on the boat, and all the sudden someone went on the loud speaker and said "Today is Chelsea's 13th birthday!" We didn't sing to her on the boat, but everyone yelled, "Happy birthday Chelsea!!" When we were eating in the restaurant they sang to her. Sadly, we had to go home Sunday. :-(. 

I didn't do anything on Monday, but on Tuesday Chelsea came over and we dyed our hair with Kool Aid. It was soo much fun. I had a bright red streak in my hair! I don't think there was enough dye in Chelsea's hair though, because hers didn't work too well. Oh well. Next time!! 

Today I went shopping with Jaden, my Mom and Emelei for stuff for Florida. I got 4 bathing suits, another cover up, a ring, 2 pairs of gladiator sandals, 2 pairs of sunglasses and some glitter!! Hahaha. I don't really know what the glitter is for, but it looked pretty so I bought it. Haha.

Yayy! Lizzi is coming home today! I'm glad she had fun in Europe, but I'm also glad she's coming home. Haha. :-).

Tomorrow I leave my house at 6:30 AM to go to the airport to fly to Florida. Our flight takes off around 10:00 AM-ish. Normally I'm not even awake by then!! Haha. I'll have a computer there, so I'll definitely post pictures, and post in general!

Gotta go finish packing. I'll post when I get there tomorrow!!

Cass <3

Sunday, June 28, 2009

NYC Is The Place To Be!!

Heyhey! I just got back from New York City a few minutes ago, so I decided to post. I had so much fun!! 

When we got there yesterday, first we went up to the apartment. My mom and Joni were finishing getting ready, so I just sat there and texted. Haha. Once they finished we left. For lunch we went to this restaurant that was a chocolate restaurant. {Mostly} everything you could order was chocolate... chocolate pizza, chocolate soup, etc. Pretty gross... if you ask me. I just don't like chocolate that much... hahaha. After lunch we went and saw The Blue Man Group on Broadway. It was a really good show... but creepy at some parts. Emelei, Sam and I were in front of my mom, Joni, Linda and Jack, so we had to wear ponchos to keep from paint splattering on us. We looked so funny haha. At one point the blue men were eating Twinkie's, and it started coming out of a hole in their shirt. It was really just mushed up banana, but it was still really gross!!! After the show we went shopping a little bit, and I got a few t-shirts. Then we went back to the apartment to freshen up for dinner. For dinner we went to some French restaurant in the Meat Packing district. After we finished, we went back to the apartment and went to bed. Haha. 

Gotta go...dinner is here!!

Cass <3

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another Short Post

Heyy! This has to be super quick, I know my last 2 posts have been, and I apologize. I just finished getting ready because today we are going to New York City for the day! I'm so excited. We got tickets last night to go see The Blue Man Group on Broadway, and we're going to go shopping. I hope to go to TopShop and Juicy Couture!! My mom was there with her friends last night at a concert, and they stayed at one of her friend's apartments there, so Jack, Emelei, Linda and I will be meeting up with her once we arrive there. Now I'm just waiting for Linda to come pick up Jack, Emelei and I while sipping yellow gatorade... at 9:19 AM. Haha. 

Yesterday I went to work with my aunt, and she is a wedding planner/floral designer. I went to her warehouse and she taught me how to make floral arrangements. It was actually kind of fun. I made 3 floral arrangements that turned out fairly good. :-)!

Gotta go, she's here!

Cass <3

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Long Live MJ

Well, the day finally came. Today, June 25th, 2009, Michael Jackson died of Cardiac Arrest. Long live the king of pop.

Cass <3

PS- This was really short, but I'll post later.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's 2 AM and I'm Cursing Your Name!

"But I've been screamin' and fightin' and kissin' in the rain, it's 2 AM and I'm cursin' your name, You're so in love that you act insane, and that's the way I loved you..."

That is probably one of my favorite songs by Taylor Swift. It has so much meaning, energy, and I can apply it with some of my life situations...

Today was an okay day. I had to say goodbye to Lizzi, because she flew off to Paris. I'm happy for her, but sad for me. All my other friends are away on vacation. Thankfully, I leave for Ocean City, Maryland with Chelsea sometime next week. I won't be bored then! Today I went and got my nails done at Monroe with Emelei. My mom dropped us off, then picked us back up when we were done. We had a good time! I got red base coat on my toes and fingernails, and they have bright, yellow polka dots. Very cute and summer-y. 

Tomorrow we have to go into a small town across the bridge to pick up a coffee table for the upstairs hang out room that my mom ordered. While she is loading it in the car, I'm going to see in I can go into some small boutiques. The town has a lot to offer, and some of the clothing in the boutiques is to die for!

It's 12:22 AM...I'm going to go to bed now.

Cass <3

Monday, June 22, 2009

It's All Over

The last day of school was today. In my opinion, I thought it was very sad. Knowing that 6th grade is done. Forever. Never coming back. You completed another chapter in the book of your life. Ms. Husami was crying, and it made me want to cry. I'm going to miss everyone so much this summer! Although, I'm happy it's here. I'm going to miss everyone so much, but, you need a break from school in general *everything included, smelly classrooms, dirty desks, bacteria-infested gym locker rooms, etc..* and drama. Drama in most cases. So much happened this year, and I really think we're in for it next year.

Sadly, Lizzi flies off to Paris tomorrow. I'm going to miss my best friend!!! I'm going to try to keep myself with facials, shopping, mani's/pedi's, going to the movies and hanging out with people. I don't have to wait that long until July 9th, which is when we jet off to Florida! I'm so excited. My house in Florida is so much fun. Between snorkeling, shopping, the beach, swimming and relaxing, Florida is one of my favorite places to escape to. West Palm Beach, here I come!!

Tomorrow I think I'm going to have my mom drop Emelei and I off at Monroe Nail Salon so we can get some twinkle to our summer toes. It's supposed to rain here all week, so maybe the movies on Wednesday, shopping Thursday, and a friend over on Friday? Hmm. Time will tell.

Lately, I have been in the mood to go to Six Flags. I love going on roller coasters with Chelsea... she will go on any one possible *well, in most cases*, and is quite convincing. I remember last year when we went on Nitro... man, what THAT a good time! I also have to go with Lizzi this summer... El Toro, here I come!

Alexis and I were talking about this summer, and we decided on that our situation is similar to the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Everyone we hang out with, well, we're all like, best friends. But, when summer finally came from around the corner and down the bend, we're going our separate ways. We're all going to either our beach house, rented beach house, or staying at a friend's beach house, but they're all in various locations. We're all going to stay BFF's though, we promised to stay in touch :-)

I want it to feel like summer. So badly. It kind of does now. It depends on what your doing. Right now, it sure does not. It is the first day of summer vacation, and I'm sitting in my basement, alone, on a hugeee, fluffy, cheetah print bean bag chair next to a life size octopus Lizzi and I have had some fun with in the past. Haha. I think I'm going to sleep down here tonight...hmm. 

Okay, This is realllyyy long. I'll stop it here, because if I don't, I wont have anything to write about tomorrow night!

Cass <3

PS-I'm going to be posting pretty much daily now, unless I'm super busy, or if something comes up :-)

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Heyhey! OMG! It is lie, summer vacation! Okay, okay, not YET. But, tomorrow is the last day of school. It is happy and sad at the same time. Happy, because there is a whole summer ahead of us, new experiences, new friends, hangouts, no bed time, etc. Sad, because most of my friends are away for practically the whole summer, so I won't be able to see them till 7th grade! Ughh.

The first thing I'm doing this summer is going to Ocean City, Maryland to one of my best friends, Chelsea's, beach house for her birthday. Then, we come home, re-pack, jump on an airplane and fly to our house in Florida. Half way though, Lizzi comes!!! I'm so excited. We're there for around 10 days, so we're going to have a blast! When we come home, I have some classes at DanceWorks I have to take before next dance year. In August, we're going to New York City and LBI. We're going to see Wicked on Broadway! I'm so excited!!

Speaking of LBI, a couple weeks ago, we were there. I was stupid and didn't put sunscreen on, and I fell asleep in the sun. I woke up later, and went back to the house, showered, and we went home. On our way home my body started to ache. I got home, and my body was as red as a tomato! I put special cream on, and went to bed. The next morning when I woke up, my eyes were swollen shut, and I was very dehydrated. I had sun poisoning. I was really dizzy, and I thought I was going to throw up, so I went to the bathroom. All I remember from that point on is taking a deep breath in, everything going black, and fainting. In conclusion, I am beyond glad that experience is over with!! EVERYONE OUT THERE!!! PUT SUNSCREEN ON!!! IT HELPS!!

Gotta go...dinner time then I have perfect my outfit for tomorrow with the appropriate jewelry!

Cass <3

Monday, June 1, 2009

It's now...JUNE!?

OMGGG! I can't believe its JUNE!!!! June! June! JUNE! Sorry, I get carried away. But, STILL! Doesn't it seem like just yesterday, we were entering the doors of Timberlane, new to the school, scared, new experiences, and the TimberTots! *LOL* But anyway...SUMMER IS SOOOOO SOON <333!>
Yesterday I had a soccer game. It was soo hot, and we didn't win. We should have won though...those of you on the other team, sorryyyy! Hahaha :-)

Saturday I went over to Chelsea's house for a little bit, and we went swimming. It felt soo good....the hot, summer air against your cooled skin from the pool water. Very refreshing. Her dad came in the pool and we had a "competitive" game of volleyball. It was Donald and Chloe against Chelsea and I. Donald and Chloe won one game, then Chels and I won another. Once we got out, I had to go. 

When I got back to my house, Lizzi came over and we went to the circus. It was okay, kinda boring, but fun. Lizzi and I gushed over the dogs and elephants mostly ;-)

Gots to go finish hw!!

Cass <3

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Heyy! My Memorial Day weekend is going pretty good so far. A little things here and there that are bad, but overall good. Yesterday I went to my aunt's party, and we had a lot of fun. Well, for me it was okay. Not the best. But everyone else seemed to be having fun. I just didn't know anyone there... haha.

Lizzi has been busy all weekend, so she wasn't able to sleepover, but today she's coming over for the day. We're having a Memorial Day party, so we should have a lot of fun. Can't wait, Lizzi!!!

Oh crap...this was really short. I have to go help set up for the party.

Cass <3

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Eeks! My Hair is Short, My Shoulder is Busted, What Else is Going to go Wrong?!

Heyhey. A lot new has happened lately. Two days ago I got my hair cut, and told her I wanted a trim not too much off the ends, long layers and side bangs. What did she do? She chopped three inches off my hair, cut straight across and no side bangs. *Sighs* I'd post a picture, but I'd rather not. I have been wearing my hair in a ponytail all week..hahaha. 

So this morning I woke up, sat up and stretched. Then all the sudden I turned my head to look at the time, and my eyes welled with tears. My shoulder/neck was KILLINGGG me! I went to school, thinking it was going to be better. Knowing my luck, it obviously got worse. During first period I turned my head to look at the homework, and I was struck with pain. Now, you might think its no other than a sore shoulder. But this is a crampy, teary-eyed, knife stabbing, throbbing pain. During science I went to the nurse. She took some "tests" on me, and even checked to make sure I didn't hurt my collar bone because she said it was pretty bad. She gave me some medicine, and sent me back to class. When my mom picked me up from school, she said it was probably a pinched nerve and a torn muscle, but she said if it keeps hurting for the next few days she will take me to the doctor.

On a more positive note...

Tomorrow we have a half day, and we have Monday off due to Memorial Day weekend. Hallelujah! I'm so excited for the long weekend...sleepovers with Lizzi and parties!!! Can't wait <3333

Cass <3

Monday, May 18, 2009

Dance Is Over, It's the End of May, and Believe it or Not, We're almost 7th graders...

Heyy! So the recital on Saturday went amazing!!! The only bad thing that happened was a girl slipped and fell on stage, and a pointe dancer rolled on her ankle, and broke it. :-(. Other than that, we did awesome! I can't wait for next dance year. It's going to be so much fun!!! It was sad that it ended, but there is always going to be more. 

After the recital, Lizzi's family, Chelsea's family, and my family all went out to dinner at TJ's. We had an awesome time. Lizzi and I changed out of our costumes when we got there though...we felt kinda stupid in a restruant in a costume. Hahaha. 

Yesterday we had soccer. Lizzi didn't go because she was sick. It was an okay game...we lost 2-1. Everyone was really tired, including me. Lizzi slept over the night before, and we were up until about 3:00 AM! Exausted much! Oh, very.

You know what else is sad? That it is the end of the school year. It is the end of May, and we have only June left. There are a bunch of half days, days off, team days, and field trips coming up too. I have a feeling the rest of the year is going to be very easy. This school year has gone soo quickly though! It seems like just yesterday it was summer, and we entered the building for the first time, a million thoughts running around our head. Who will I be friends with? Will anyone hate me? What if it's too hard here? They were some of the thoughts that were going through my head. Oh, where has the time gone...

Tonight was the dance party. It was a lot of fun. I mostly hung out with Lizzi and Chelsea, but Elanor and Kate too.

Gotta go get ready for bed.

Cass <3

Saturday, May 16, 2009



Haha. I'm sosososo excited, and ready. Yesterday we have a 3 1/2 hour rehersal, and it payed off. Seeing all the dances that people worked hard on all year, and being able to practice on stage in front of a small crowd got you ready for the show later on. Lizzi and I have a 11:00 hair appointment, and we might sneak into our towns special day after. It's just a day where everyone that lives in out town goes and celebrates. All of our friends will be there. Then we have to go home and get ready, then go to the high school to get into our positions for the opening number. The recital starts at 3:00, and ends at 6:00. After the recital, my family, Lizzi's family and Chelsea's family are all going to TJ's for dinner.

Wish us luck for the show later!!!

Cass <3

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Goodbye, careless, free, stress-less weeks...

I'm absoultly dreading tomorrow at school. Wanna know why? Becuase Of stupid, stupid, stupid, STUPIDDDD testing. I know, I know. ALl us kids think it's pointless, a waste of time, and the worst thing to have came on this planet. But, I guess when youj really think about it, it determines how well we did this year, and how much our school district needs to be improved. So, there is a point, but not one that normal people care about.

This weekend was partly exhausting. I had a party on Friday night, well, 2, but I didn't go to the other one. More like I couldnt...and then last night I attended another party that was A LOT of fun. When I got home, I was up to around 12:30-ish watching Bride Wars and texting. Then today was Mother's Day, *by the way, happy Mother's Day!* and I had a soccer game. A lot of people weren't going, so my mom didn't make me go. Thank God, because clearly I'm really tired. Instead, I went outside and practiced because I haven't been able to practice in a while due to the rain, and played with Sweet Pea.

Hopefully you all have a great rest of the day, and a wonderful week coming up.

Cass <3

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Too Much, May You Ask?

OHHEEMMMGEEE!! Tonight we had wayyyyy too much homework, in my opinion. Here is what we had:

  • Finish an essay for Language Arts, many of us didn't start
  • Write a 3 paragraph essay for Social Studies, on the peace treaty between Carthage and Rome
  • Science worksheet "Reasons for the Seasons", an interview, and a quiz on Friday
  • Pages 19-24 in the test prep packet for Math

For once, I think I'm thanking my science teacher for not overloading us tonight. I finished the interview last night, because it was assigned yesterday and due Friday, and the worksheet was reletivley easy. Language Arts we had to take our time to perfect the essay, and I have trouble in Social Studies, so I took extra time to do the essay. Math, well, math is math. Boring, time consuming...math. I also took time to do the math homework, because math is DEFFF not my best subject.

Tonight, thankfully, I didn't have tooo tooo muchh to do after homework. I had to have dinner, take nail polish off *can't have it on for Dress Rehersal in dance on Thursday...and if I didn't take it off when I remembered...I'm afraid I would forget*, shower, study for LA and Science, and remember to breathe... :-)

Ohhh!! Today is Cinco de Mayo! Too bad I didn't have Spanish today...I would have attempted, but probably not succeded to impress my teacher by knowing that. Haha.

Gotta go... 7:30 and I still have muchhh to do.


Cass <3

Monday, May 4, 2009

Rain, rain, go away...

OMGGG WHENNN INN THEEE WWOORRLLLDDD WILL IT JUST STOPP RAININGG!! Last week there was beautifullll weather....high 80's, low 90's. Just enough to wear cute shorts, short sleeve shirts and Converse or flip flops. Then, I awoke on Wednesday morning and I see white, puffy clouds, screaming RAIN IS COMING! Ever since, it was been rain, rain, and more rain. Our soccer game was cancled, due to the rain. I straightened my hair this morning, and now it's curly again, due to the rain. I mean, my mood would be lifted and I wouldn't be as crabby if it wasn't raining, but noooo. On top of this nastynastynasty weather, there is tesp prep all week long. There is a map quiz in social studies tomorrow. Anddd and science quiz on Friday. Why oh why do teachers cram before the most hectic, hard, stressful week? I just don't get it. Don't get it at all.

On a more positive note...

Today in science Lizzi and I were talking about how we want to go shopping soon together. We can't wait to go to F21 and J Crew. We might go shopping at J Crew sometime in May, and I don't know when we will go to F21.

Thursday will probably be the highlight of my week. We have in-class dress rehersal for dance, which is when we go in our costume and get our pictures done, and we perform our dance for the parents.

Gotta go now...get ready for bed and studystudystudy some more...

Cass <3

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Where Has The Time Gone...

Heyy! OMG sorry it has been so long! I have been so busy lately...and my Mac won't let me blog because the whole screen is busted up. So much has happened....but first...Happy April! I updated my April Faves...but in a week, they will turn to my May Faves!

Two weeks ago we were in Rome, Italy. Here is a quickquickquick summary of my vacation...if you have any questions, comment with them and I'll answer them in my next post.

Sunday, April 5th: Arrived in Rome. The time difference was a killer, so we went to sleep for a few hours, then I went shopping with Chelsea, Chloe Donald and Jodi. Donald lost his luggage, so that's what we went shopping for. We got back to my hotel rooms, and everyone else in the group was there. We were going out to dinner. Chelsea, Donald, Chloe and Jodi ran up to their room and got changed, and I ran into my bedroom and got changed, because we were hot and sweaty from walking so much. We had to walk down the Spanish Steps to get to the restraunt, and the view was gorgeous.

Monday, April 6th: Early early early in the morning there was an earthquake. The focus was 6o miles east of Rome, which is not very far, and it was a 6.7 on the Ricter Scale, when the highest recorded earthquake was a 7. Today we had a tour of the Coliseum, an amazing landmark from Ancient Rome. It was amazing tro see how the people built it...with no power tools...just millions of people, rock, and rope. Our tour guide screamed at my brother for asking a question, so we left her and looked at the rest on our own. After we left, we went out to lunch. We went back to the Coliseum, but not inside it. We took this little road up a huge hill, and on top of the hill there was a beautiful church. The inside was amazing...anf the stainglass windows took your breath away. Everyone was getting hungry again, so we went out to dinner. Before, we were at this square the Italians called the Common Square, and it was so much fun. There were fountains, and the arcitexture was beautiful. We went out to dinner, and Chelsea and I had to go to the bathroom, but the bathroom was in the basement. I tripped all the way down the stairs coming killed.

Tuesday, April 7th: We went to the island of Capri. This was my favorite part of the vacation. The water was crystol clear blue, and there were millions of tropical fish swimming around. We rented a privite boat to go around the island for the day, but we got there a little early. We took convertible taxi's up to the tippy top of the mountain and had lunch and shopped a little bit. Then we went back down. We all had out hands out of the care going down because Poker Face and Circus was playing. The boat tour was AMAZING! The landscape was beautiful, the water gorgeous, and everything made you think about how lucky you are to be able to do something like this. We took mini canoes into a cave called the Blue Grotto, and the water was a magnificent shade of blue. Look up pictures on google. The car ride back was fun, but 3, long, hours.

Wednesday, April 8th: We had a tour of the Vadican, where the Pope lives. This was okayyyyy....the paintings and sculptures were my favorite part. My favorite room was the 16th Chapel...Michael Angelo painted it. The final product took him 4 years to make, and it's amazing.

Thursday, April 9th, 2009: We went to Florence. I loved the shops here....they had EVERYTHINGGG! Florence is the 2nd biggest shopping district in Italy...the first is Milan, which is also known as The Shopping Capital Of The World.

Friday, April 10th: Today we went shopping. I got a pair of Louis Vuitton shoes, and a Louis wallet. Samantha, Emelei, Jack and I took a horse carriage ride around Rome, while everyone else finished shopping. We celebrated Jack's birthday in the hotel room that night.

Saturday, April 11th: Came home :-(. It was sad to leave, but we all know that we will be taking another vacation together very, very soon.

So that was a summary of my vacation. Remember, if you have any questions, comment with them :-)

This weekend and upcoming week is going to be/has been very hothothot. Yesterday it was 88 degrees, today 92, tomorrow 90, Tuesday 87, and so on. It's time to kiss winter goodbye and say hello to cooler clothes, hotter weather, and my fave, spring/summer shopping!!!

Wow...this is a really long post. I'll post again in about 2 days or so!

Cass <3

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Not so Good, Very Bad, Awful Week...

Heyy! Sorry I didn't post this week. Didn't find the time. Didn't feel like finding the time. And definitely didn't feel like MAKING the time. Why? 'Cuz this week sucked. It was awful. Depressing. Sad. Angry. Tears. Joy. Hot and cold. Up and down. Happy and sad. It was a week that was like, you are happy at times. But the someone decides to be a jerk and ruin the moment. Not naming any names. 

Last night Alexis was going to sleepover, but then I forgot I was going to The Battle Of The Bands with Chelsea. So scratch sleepover. The Battle Of The Bands was fun though. Then tonight, Alexis was going to sleepover again. Then she realized that she has to go somewhere tonight and then again tomorrow morning early. Now Lizzi is going to come and sleep over...which is like, going to be the highlight of my week. The best thing that happened this week. She obviously will make things better.

Yesterday was Lizzi's birthday!! HAPPY BELATED 12th BIRTHDAY LIZZI! WE LOVE YOU!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where Has The Time Gone?

God, time goes by so quickly. I was reading all of Lizzi's old posts on her blog right now. It seems so...sad. I remember when she first moved here. She hated it. Absolutely hated it. She barely any friends. Wanted to go home. Not to her New Jersey home. Back to California. Then, she adjusted here. Made friends. Enemies. Frenimies. Sorry Lizzi, if I'm putting you on the spot. It just reminds me of the situation we were all put into this year when we first came to Timberlane. We only knew the people from our school. No other friends. Didn't know anyone. Some of us probably hated it. Wanted to go back to their elementary school, where everything was easy and innocent. 

I also want to start blogging about...other stuff. Give more sensory details, you know? Like, what goes on, detailed, in school. The little things we don't think matter... 

Today in school was typical. Boring. Switching classes. Blahhh. In science, for some reason, felt...weird. It was raining outside, so there wasn't sunlight coming in. I guess it felt like...sad. Droopy. The feeling when you are...almost...depressed. 

Apparently, today was grab-a-girls-a*s day *I don't know if someone made this up??*. So this kid, Myles, went up to a bunch of 7th grade girls, and, well, I think you know the rest.

Ahhhh!!! 16 DAYS TILL ROME!!! Can I get a woot woot???

It has been really warm lately. Tomorrow is the first day of spring. Yay! Hopefully no more snow, and have higher highs for the weather.

Gotta go... I'm still in my dance stuff and I still have to shower.

Cass <3

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

School Again..

This morning was..normal. Sort of. Not really. I woke up, normal time, got dressed, got ready, and went downstairs. Since I'm sick, my mom made soup for breakfast. I had a little, and then my stomach started to hurt. I took my medicine, and drank some orange juice. My mom said I could go into school late because she wasn't sure if I was going to go. We got in the car at 8'oclock, and I ran out of the car "sick." My mom at this point didn't want me to go to school, but I decided to go anyway. I think it was just because I was coughing like crazy.

Right now, I'm in 4th period, normally gym. I had a gym excsue note so I decided to come to the library. I attempted to get some work done, so I wrote a paragraph for language arts, and that's it. Haha. Next I have science, but at 12:05 I have scedualing for next year. Scedualing is when we go to guidance, one person at a time, and plan our scedual for 7th grade. Hopefully it doesn't take too long...I can't afford to miss any more science.

Eekkksss!! Creepy girl just sat down next to me....hopefully she isn't reading this ;-)

Tomorrow it's going to be about 65 degrees! Beramuda shorts? Skirt? I shall decide later...

Oh yeah! I totally forgot! HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!!!!

Bad news: Yesterday, March 16th, 2009, my frog, Peppy/Freckles *Joni and I fought over the name* died between the time of 2:00 and 6:00. :-(

Gotta go...almost passing time and I wanna go early to beat the crowd.

Cass <3

Monday, March 16, 2009

I Need To Build Up My Ammune System...

Heyy! Sorry it's been so long..again. You wanna hear something a tad ridiculous? I was sick on like February 15th-17th, and now I'm sick... AGAIN. Stupid ammune system.

So not much has happened. Alexis slept over Friday night, Lizzi slept over Saturday night, went shopping, blah blah blah. Right now, Chelsea is in the Bahamas, because her and her family went to see the JONAS BROTHERS!!! Ahhhhhhh!! Sounds like fun, right, right, right?! RIGHT. 

OMG, so the other day we went to the pet store to get my frog Peppy/Freckles *Joni and I fight over the name* a friend. We ended up picking out 2 orange and brown frogs, and we get all the proper stuff needed for it, like food, pebbles, stuff for them to climb on, and everything else. A half an hour worth of papers are signed because they are native to our country, and we are ready to go pay. The guy that was like helping us said, "They need crickets to survive." My mom and Joni HATE bugs, along with everyone else in my house. Long story short, we put everything back and came home with 2 fish instead. 

In exactly 2 weeks, 5 days, or in Chelsea's words 18 days, we are going to ITALY!!!! WOO HOO!!!!

Cass <3

Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy March!!

Heyy! So now it's March, and one step closer to...

  • Going to Italy <33333
  • Summer 
  • Summer vacay
  • No more winter
  • Soon to be Spring
  • Warm weather
  • Spring shopping
  • Lizzi's birthday
  • Alexis' birthday
Emelei's birthday was on Saturday, and we had a lot of fun. First, everyone came to her house, and once everyone got here we went to the movies. We saw He's Just Not That Into You. It was good, but a little advanced for our age. I sat next to Morgan and Chelsea, and we would just laugh at the awkward parts, when Rowana was shouting stuff and being hilarious. We came back to the house and we put on music, danced, played Guitar Hero, had dinner, went to my room, took funny pics on my laptop, had cake and went back into the basement and had more fun!! LOL. A real fortune teller came and told all our fortunes.... I <3>

Today is a SNOWWW DAYYYYY!!! We have like 8-9 inches so far, and it's still coming down. I like not having school, but it's March, and March is normally the time when the weather starts getting nice, like the beginning of spring. It's only the beginning, so hopefully by the middle/end, it will be nice-er than it is now. I do have to say, it DOES look really pretty outside :-)! Plus, it is supposed to warm up by the end of the week...well high 40's, low 50's. 

Lizzi and I were iming this morning, talking about how everyone this year is so... un-innocent anymore. I mean, like, its only 6th grade. You have your whole life to wear make-up, have a boyfriend, have girl fights, love drama, go through depression over a guy, smoke, etc. You are supposed to be innocent in 6th grade... not act like you are 16. I mean, like...kissing? We are 11-12, not 15. It's okay to like someone, and have them like you back, but ya don't kiss them in 6th grade, ya know? And, kids smoking!? Smoking pot?? Pregnancy scares??? AHH!!! So much drama, I tell you....

Well, I updated my March Faves... check them out!!

Cassidy <333

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Quick and Easy and 123!

Heyy! This has to be really short, because I have a lot to do in so little time. Later is Emelei's birthday party, so I'm getting ready for that, and helping Joni get ready for it. I'm wearing a navy blue J. Crew dress, black Forever 21 leggings, *thanks Chels* and shoes, accessories, blah blah blah. I just got done making a playlist for her party. I added the Jonas Brother Live: 3D movie experience to my iPod and such. 

Last night was the night of all nights. I went and saw...the one....the only..... JONAS BROTHER 3D MOVIE!! It was amazingg!!! I went with Chelsea, Chloe, Jodi, Madi, Morgan, Morgan's friend, and Madi's mom. Since it was opening night, we got there 45 minutes early. We waited in line, then the people that worked there let us into the theatre. We all like ran, Chloe wobbling on her 2 broken toes, so we could all get seats together. When the movie started, we acted like it was a real concert, so we sang and screamed on the top of our lungs. My throat hurt after the movie, but it was worth it :-)

The other night, I walked into a door and I almost broke my nose. Its really red and puffy, and really squishy. I like bruised the cartilage, it it hurts like HECK!! There is also like a huge bump on it, which makes it even worse. 

Gotta go finish getting ready.... can't wait for tonight!! We are going to par-TAYY!!! Plus, Chelsea and Chloe are sleeping over!! WOO HOO!!! Now I really gotta go!!

Cassidy <3

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

OMG!! I mean J... WHATEVER!!

OMJ OMG OMJ!! I haven't posted foreverrrrr!!! I'm not going to go back too far, only to my 5 day vacation *school has been off*.

Friday- Didn't do too much during the day. My knee was killing me, long story, but later on I went to a party. It was Joni's birthday party, to be exact. I had a ton of fun. Most of the time, it was me, Chelsea and her brother Dylan hanging out and stuff. We played a bunch of pranks on each other and my butt still hurts from half of them! When we left, Chelsea went home and got her stuff and came back and slept over. Once again, we had a lot of fun *like always* We prank called people, talked, rocked out to music and a lot more. 

Saturday: Joni's real birthday, Valentines Day. Chelsea and I woke up and ran and told Joni happy birthday. We opened a bunch of box of chocolates and then went back up to my room. We got ready and then my mom drove us to her house. When we got there, we went on the computer, talked, and then Alexis came. Me, Madi, Alexis, Chelsea, Emelei, Jack, Jodi, Chloe and Madi's mom went to go see Confessions of a Shopaholic. It was soooo good.... we all loved it. After the movie, everyone accept Madi and her mom went to dinner at Uno. Chelsea's brothers and dad came too. We talked and critisized our waitor that was acting really weird.. haha. We all went back to Chelsea's house and we put alllll this glitter on our face and got dressed up and we were talking pictures and making videos on my computer. It was a lot of fun. A little later,  we went back to my house and celebrated Joni's birthday. While the adults were talking and planning vacations and stuff, Alexis, Chelsea and I went up to my room and we re-did our answering machines on our phones. They're hilarious. At like 11:30, they all went home :-(

Sunday: When I woke up, I ate breakfast and we went shopping. Here are the stores we went to:

  • Lenscrafters *Emelei had to get glasses*
  • Victoria's Secret/PINK
  • Zoë
  • J Crew
  • Kate Spade
We were going to go to a few more, but since it was Sunday, all the stores closed early. Here is a list of what I got:

2 pairs of jeans: Sevens and J Brand

Bras and undies

J Crew:
2 babydoll skirts
2 necklaces
3 headbands
2 dresses
1 skirt
8 t shirts
5 tank tops
2 pairs of flip flops
*and a bunch more but I'm not home to look in my closet :-)

Kate Spade:
1 tote
1 charm bracelet


Yesterday I went to New York City with Chelsea. We had A TON of fun. We onyl had time to go to the wax museaum, because we got there at 12:00, spent 5 hours in the wax museaum, went to dinner and had to go home. But we still had a lot of fun. We took a lot of funny pictures with the wax figures, but out favorite was taking.... pictures.... with..... the..... JONAS BROTHERS!!!!!!! It was amazingggg!!! We also saw a 4-D movie and it was good, but it scared you at certain times. We also got wax figures of our hands made. Chelsea, Chloe and I all made pink hands in the shape of the peace sign. Some random lady went up to Dylan and took a picture of him, because she thought he was a wax figure. It was soooooo funny. When we were done, we went next door to a restruant. When we walked in, some random guy that worked there said "Here comes the 3rd Jonas Brother" because he thought Dylan was a Jonas Brother. It was hilarious. At dinner, we had many convorsations. After dinner, we went home on the train. When we got back to Chelsea's house, we looked at stuff online, watched her and Chloe try on new jeans and we talked. Then my mom came and picked me up, and dropped Jack off because he was having a sleepover with Chloe.

Today I didn't really do much. I just got back from getting a mani/pedi with Samantha and Emelei. Gotta go... I'm at Joni's work and we are going home.

Cassidy <3

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy February!!

Heyy! Sorry, I haven't posted. Happy February!! I updated my February Faves... so take a look!

It has been snowing all day... everyone is saying "Snow day tomorrow!" but, I don't think we will have one. At least, I hope we don't have one. We had one last Wednesday, and they will get boring if you have them a lot, ya know? So far there is 4 inches, and it keeps falling, and falling, and falling....

This weekend, Lizzi slept over. We went on Polyvore, made funny videos on my computer, took pics, stuffed our faces with fruit roll ups and laffy taffy and so much more. The videos we made were hilarious, and we even got Emelei to be in them! If you know Emelei, it is a big deal, 'cuz she never does things like that. Haha.

Today was so boring at school. We switched classes, so I had art 2 times today, with the same art teacher, in the same room. Boring? It was only the first day though...hopefully it will get funnner. Wait. Funner isn't a word. More fun. There we go.

GUESS WHAT!?!?!?! Lizzi started JoiseyGal again!!! Ahh! I'm sooooooo sooooooo sooooooo sooooooooooo HAPPY!!!!!!

Sorry... this was a really short post. I have to go and shower and eat dinner.

Cassidy <3

Friday, January 30, 2009

High Kick, Jazz Square, 3 Step Turn, SAY WHAT!?

Last night was the most confusing night of dance yet! She went so fast on all the steps, and Lizzi, Elanor and I were like WHOA slow down there. Don't get me wrong, I love dance and I like never want to stop, but I just wish she could go a tad slower. The rest was fun though. After school Lizzi came over and we made funny videos on my computer to music and stuff, like her dancing to Wonanizer, bloopers, and us just talking and stuff. We ate so much Laffy Taffy that during dance it made me wanna throw up I had such a bad cramp.... but I'm surprisingly addicted those little pieces of taffy....... haha. I love the cherry... they're amazing!!!

Today was the last day of the marking period. When Tori and I went to music, we were kinda late so I went back and got a pass. For the whole class, we did funny stuff. Our music teacher showed us little things from performing arts *next year we have the option to take performing arts, and she teaches it*, and we acted out plays. I had to do one with this kid Ian, and it was hilarious when it was being performed! There was no rehearsing, and our music teacher gave us little slips of paper with random and funny lines on them, so when she called "Line!" We had to use them. Anyway, it was really funny. I sat next to my friend Steven for the rest of the class and Tori sat on my other side. For the rest of the class, Steven and I talked and Tori kept getting up and stuff so she didn't really talk to us much. 

Tonight I had soo much homework... on a Friday. Well, it wasn't like it was so much. Mostly stuff I had to due in advance, like current events, but I chose not to. Lizzi is sleeping over tomorrow night, so she said she can help me with some of it because my computer won't print.

Gotta go...dinner.

Cassidy <3

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Night of the Drama?

Heyy! Sorry I haven't posted, but I've been really busy. On Friday night, me, Lizzi, Alexis, Morgan, Rowana and Tori all went to the 6t grade dance, or as other people call it, the Friday Night Out. I don't understand why they call it a Friday Night Out, okay, it's always on a Friday, during the night, and you're out. But that's not my point. I don't think. Nope, it's not. Now I'm getting off topic... ANYWAY! I had a ton of fun, wish they were more often, but the only problem was there was so much drama. Hookups, breakups, cat fights and tears. But anyway, it was a lot of fun.

My stupid computer connection has been down so I haven't even been on Polyvore. Ugh. I think I have to start making sets more often though because I went to start one today, and I ended up deleting it. Then I tried to make another, but ended up deleting it. So on and so on...

I have been getting picked up from school lately, and my mom doesn't come until 3. I walk with Lizzi to the bus, talk with some friends, and go back into the school. Today I went back into Ms. Husami's room and she was writing the lesson plan on the board for tomorrow. I asked if I could teach the class tomorrow, but I was joking, and she said sure! We are only going to be in the classroom for a little bit though because we are going to the computer lab, but still! Haha.

Ohmigod! It's supposed to snow a lot tonight and ice. In school everyone was talking about a snow day...hopefully we have one. This kid I sit next to in homeroom was saying that the township that we live in doesn't want to pay the people overtime early in the morning, and we are talking like 3 AM, so they won't salt the roads. Therefore, if the roads aren't salted, there is no possible was of getting to school. A kid Danny that sits across me said, 

"Put your pajamas on inside out, spoon under your pillow and toothpaste in your nose."

and I said...

"I'll put my pajamas on inside out, possibly a spoon under my pillow, but there is no way I'm putting toothpaste up my nose."

Haha. So anyway, let's hope for a snow day tomorrow!!!

Cassidy <3

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Madi, you're not alone

Did I wish for this to happen? No. Do all things happen for a reason? No. Since Tuesday I have had an awful.... and I repeat... AWFUL... cold. I don't even think it is a cold anymore. I cough like crazy when I even breathe in air, my throat is scratchy, nose stuffed up, and weak when I walk. Yesterday in gym I couldn't breathe well because when I ran my throat started hurting and I was coughing the whole time, so my gym teacher had me sit out. I feel you're pain, Madi. Haha.

But here is some good news. A couple days ago, my mom came to pick Emelei and I up from the bus stop. On our way up she was all smiles, and then she blurted out, "I know a secret!" Of course, Emelei and I start banging her with questions, wanting to know what it was. Anything that could possibly be a good secret, apparently "wasn't it." She told us that we had to wait for Joni to get home to know what it was, but it was 2:55 and Joni comes home at 5:45! Finally, we ended up calling Joni at work and with my mom, Emelei and I in the room, Joni said...

"Now girls. If you could go anywhere during spring break, where would it be?"

Emelei and I started naming random places for about 30 seconds, and then Joni cut in with...

"How would you guys like to go to Rome in Italy?"

I NEVER expected that!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited. At this point Emelei and I were screaming and my mom was laughing.

2nd part of the story:

Last night Chelsea, Chloe, Lizzi (she had to log off before all this happened) and I were on the web cam because we all have Macs. Chelsea's dad is in China, but was in the car on his way home and Jodi was in the office downstairs talking to him about something... privately. Chloe brought her computer downstairs and of course blurted out, "We want to eavesdrop on what you and daddy are talking about. We meaning me, Chelsea and Cass." But right when we walked in I heard their dad say... "Okay, when we get home we can book the tickets, but we need to get the details from Joni and Angie." I heard that part, then Chloe, then Chelsea, then my whole house. Therefore, Chelsea, Chloe, Jodi, Donald and Dylan are ALL GOING TO ITALY WITH US!!! Ahh I'm soooooo excited!! Chelsea and I were talking and we think it is going to be the best vacation ever!!!!

So there is my good/bad news. But gotta go because it is 5:46 AM and I still have to get ready for school.

Cassidy <3

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Heyy! Yesterday was a pretty boring day. I texted, called, slept, watched the snow fall, watched half of a movie with my brother, got on the computer, made some sets on Polyvore, IMed Lizzi and Chelsea and... that's about it. I couldn't fall asleep last night for some reason, and I think I ended up falling asleep around 11:45. Ugh. It must be the 3 and a 1/2 hour nap I took yesterday.

This morning I woke up to the beeping of my annoying alarm clock. I got up and signed onto iChat and First Class and read some messages, replied, and waited. I decided to brush my teeth and flat iron my hair since it was crazy curly when I woke up. Right now I'm halfway done and decided to post. Be right back while I get some cranberry juice...
Cassidy has left at 5:58 to get cranberry juice...

Cassidy returns at 6:00...

Sorry about that. The downside of waking up so early... you have to get things for yourself instead of asking someone else. 

Today I'm wearing...
  • Brown and pink Her Majesty Juicy Couture hoodie
  • A&F white tank top
  • A&F darkwash skinny jeans
  • Socks
  • Leopard Uggs
  • Silver Key To My Heart Juicy necklace
  • Juicy crown earrings
Well, gotta go. I have to finish flattening my hair....

Cassidy <3

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Sorry.... I realized it wasn't 100 posts.... well Madi realized...haha.

Last night Joni and my mom decided to take us on a trip 20 minutes down the road the the hotel called The Hyatt. I brought Lizzi, Phyllis, Gloria and Sophia rented a room, Linda rented a room, Sam and Erin came for a little while and the same with Jodi, Chelsea, Chloe and Chloe's friend Sarah. For the first little bit we connected our computers and we were on the computer for a couple hours. Lizzi and I were taking some pictures on Photo Booth:

That was only one out of like 500... haha. When Chelsea and her family came we went downstairs to the indoor pool. When we got in the pool area, Jack pushed me in, and then everyone jumped in. We played chicken, the movie game, *when one person stands at the other end of the pool and thinks of a movie and gives clues to the people at the other end. When someone knows what movie it is, they swim to the person and guess*, and Lizzi, Emelei, Chelsea and I stood and jumped in while my mom took a picture to hang in my new room. We went back up after a while and took more funny pictures on Photo Booth. We went out on the balcony which over-looked the hotel:

Later, everyone left accept the people who had rooms. When we woke up Lizzi and I went down to the breakfast buffet and ate breakfast, but everyone else stayed in the room and ordered room service.

Before we went to the Hyatt, Lizzi, Emelei, Jack, my mom and Joni all went to the mall. While my mom and Joni got manicures/pedicures, Jack, Emelei, Lizzi and I walked around the mall. Here is what we did.

Got pretzels
Walked the perimeter of the mall
Got cookies
Insulted window displays
Emelei got her eyebrows waxed while I chickened out
Went into Victoria's Secret... with Jack. What a NIGHTMARE!
Went into Boarders to make up for Jack being scared in V. Secret
Got smoothies

Then we left for the Hyatt.

Okay, I know this post is really really long, but I have to add one more thing in...

Friday night we were all sitting in the living room: me on the chair and my mom, Jack and Joni on the couch. We have this thing that pulls up to make it so you can like eat meals in the living room, so Jack had that up because be was eating ice cream. Our 2 pound dog, Sweet Pea, was jumping, she hit her head, and fell to the ground. We all rushed to get her, and we found out she had knocked herself out. We rushed her to the animal hospital, and all we did from there was wait. We heard someone call us in the back. I stood up along with Joni. I was all mis-matchy, because I put on the first pair of Uggs I saw. I was wearing plaid pajama pants, my Timberlane blue and yellow t-shirt and leopard Uggs. I didn't care.... all I cared about was my puppy. Turns out she was fine, but we had to watch her overnight for any minor differences in her personality, because it would be her brain swelling. I carried her out to the car and she slet with me for the night.

Cassidy <3

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


OMGGG! Today is my 100th post! Ooh yeah! Sorry i haven't posted in a while. Here is a quick review:

Sunday: Did. Nothing. Absolutely. Nothing. Made a bunch of sets on Polyvore, but other than that, nada.
Monday: Didn't have tooooooo much homework... got it done quickly. I had a social studies test, but that was it. I was on webcam with Lizzi, then she signed off so i got on with Chelsea, Chloe and Linda. My mom and Joni weren't home, and Jack started attacking me out of the blue, and it all went downhill from there.
Tuesday: After school we went to the light store to get new outdoor lights, then we went out to dinner. I forget the name of the restaurant we went to... but it was reallyyyy good! Came home and watched American Idol. I love this season! It rocks! SOme of the people are a little..... different. But oh well. I love the new judge! She is like my mom's age and my mom like freaked when she found out. LOL.

See? Quick as I possibly could. After school today I had an orthodontist appointment, and my rubberbands are now light purple. They tightened the wire so I'm in a little pain right now, but not too much. When I got home I did my like hour and a half worth of homework, and then I got on iChat and imed Lizzi and we went on webcam. Now I'm watching American Idol but it is a commercial.

There is so many good movies coming out. I want to go see Marley and Me again, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Mall Cop *looks funny and Jack wanted me to go see it with him*, Bride Wars, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Bedtime Stories, and then there is one more that I forget the name of, but it's like when girls get rejected by like guys from 7 different kinds of technology.

Gotta go.... 9:39 PM.

Cassidy <3

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Marley and Me...

Heyy! It is snowing outside!! AHH! it is supposed to snow 6-10 inches but i don't know if that is going to happen... but still! It is already about an inch....

Firday night Lizzi's family and I went and saw Marely and Me. It was the best movie I have ever seen, but it was also the saddest. I cried soo hard at the end ot wasn't funny. Ask Lizzi. She cried too. The dog was soo cute along with the little kids. Before the movie we went to Uno for dinner. We all had pizza. Lizzi and I were looking at old videos on my phone and we talked. After the movie she came back to my house and she slept over. We had a lot of fun and most of the time we were on our laptops and talking. We also watched some tv and ate cookies. LOL. The next morning we got on our laptops and imed people and ate like a bidullion dounuts....well I had dounuts and she had cereal. LOL. Around 1:30 she went home, but we got on webcam when she got home. Haha.

Here is some recent sets I have made on Polyvore:
Thing's Happen For A Reaon
Thing's Happen For A Reaon by ActressCa11

When We First Met
When We First Met by ActressCa11

I love you
I love you by ActressCa11

Lizzi by ActressCa11

Sorry this was a short post but gotta go.

Cassidy <3

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Good Morning Sunshine

Heyy! This is going to be quick but I have like 10 extra minutes so I decided to post. Yesterday after school I went on the computer, on the webcam with Lizzi, blah blah blah. I had to go, so I packed up my computer, thought i would have connection to where I was going, and went.

Turns out that I didn't have connection where I was. I was soo bored out of my mind and all I did was take pictures of myself in Photo Booth and make slideshows of them in iMovie. That part was okay.... but I had 5 hourssss of that!!! Honestly, I was soo happy to go home. When I got home I was on the webcam with Lizzi for a while and then I logged off and watched the new episode of The City *My new favorite TV show*!!!

I woke up at 4:55 today and hopped right in the shower, got dressed, did my hair, lipgloss, clear mascara and got on the computer all before 6:00! Ok, it was like 5:55, but still!

Guess what?! Not counting this post I only have 3 more posts till I get to 100! Woo hoo!

Here is a set I made this morning:

What I'm wearing 1/7/2009 by ActressCa11

and one I made yesterday:

:-/ by ActressCa11

Gotta go...

Cassidy <3

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Macs, Lizzi and More!!!

Heyy! Soo I haven't posted for a while but right now it is 5:04 AM. I normally wake up at 5 and thats what time I get ready for school, but I decided to go on my brand new.... MACBOOK PRO!!!!! To update my blogggg! Haaa. Soo yeah yesterday my bus was late from school and we live like a 3 mies down the road from school so my mom just came and picked Emelei and I up from school. She told me there was a surprise in my room. When I got home I shoved my shoes in the closet and ran upstairs...and there sitting on my bed was brand new.... just opened.... MacBook Pro! I loooveee it!!!

This weekend I went to The Melting Pot with Chelsea's family. It was soo good and we had a lot of fun. We all went was to my house *The group was me, Chelsea, Emelei, Jack, Dylan, Donnie, Lauren, Jodi, Donald, my mom and Joni* and I packed my bag because I went back to Chelsea's house to sleep over. I slept over... I had fun...blah blah blah. The next day we woke up, Madi came over but then I had to go because I was going to Lizzi's house!! For like the first time in like 3 weeks!!

We had A LOT of fun!! We took funny pics and videos on her computer because she also got a new MacBook Pro, webcamed Chelsea, Emelei and Madi, ate, read mags, blah blah blah. We had soooo much fun *Like always*


Ok, I have to go anyway. GO read her blog. Seriously. It rocksssss!

Cassidy <3

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy 2009!

Heyy! So I haven't posted since last year...litterly! When the clock struck 12:00 AM on January 1st, it was officially 2009. Here is my overview of the last couple days:

Tuesday, December 31st, 2008: I went to Chelsea's house for a New Year's Eve party and it was so much fun! When we got there it was soo windy outside and half of her neighborhood didn't have power because a car accident and it knocked the power out. Thankfully, her house still had power. We got there, hung our coats up and went into the kitchen for a little while to talk/eat. We went into the basement and watched her brother and his friends play Guitar Hero: World Tour. When it was 10:00 we turned on ABC and watch Dick Clark's Rocking New Years Eve. It was soo good this year! I loved Taylor Swift's performance...but they saved the best for last...the Jonas Brothers!! They ROCKED!!! When the ball started to drop...they showed the Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift and Ryan Secrest talking in the center if Times Square. They were lined up so Taylor was at the farrr left end and Joe was at the farr right end.. Hmm.. Last year Miley was at the farrr left end and Nick was at the farr right end. I told Chelsea that next year Danielle is going to be at the far left end and Kevin is going to be at the farrr right end. Haha. When the ball dropped and it was officially 2009, we all hugged, made noise and popped confetti all over. Chelsea, Amanda *her cousin* and I decided to go outside and go down Chelsea's driveway on the Flying Turtle. It was so much fun but her cousin had a few drinks and she wa sin the middle of the road on they flying turtle and a car was coming, so we had to push her out of the road before the car hit her. Then when we were pushing she looked up at the sky and said, "Oooh. Look at the pretty stars!" It was so funny! We got back inside and partied a little bit more in the basement and then we went upstairs, packed Chelsea and Chloe's bag because they were coming to my house to sleepover.

Wednesday, January 1st, 2009: Chelsea, Erin, Sam and I all rode in Erin's car to my house. Chelsea and I found plates and bags of apples all over her car. Haaaa. She told us that when she was on her way to Chelsea's house she found a rotten avocado in her car and was at a stop sign. She was bored, so she threw the avocado at the stop sign and it exploded! LOL. Chelsea and I played Guitar Hero: World Tour a little bit then we went up to my room and watched TV and went on our laptops. BTW...a couple days ago I ordered a new Mac Book Pro! It is supposed to come either today or tomorrow. Anyway, Chelsea and I went to bed around 3:35 and woke up around 11:30. We ate breakfast, and played Guitar Hero: World Tour again. We went the the grocery store and got a bunch of stuff to make New Year's cupcakes. Here is what they looked like:

  • Lime Green electrifying LIME green
  • Tiffany box blue frosting
  • Light blue sprinkles
  • 9 purple dots on the top of the frosting to represent that it is now 2009

They were soo good! We made 50 of them so Chelsea brought home like 5 plates of them and we kept like 4 plates of them. *We gave her more because there is more people in her house than ours*

She mayyy come over today again...but I'm not sure yet. Our two families are doing something tomorrow again.

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