Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Hey guys!!! I just wanted to let you know that this weekend I'm going to be in Atlantic City, so I may not update my blog until we get back... but Im gonna try to bring a computer. We are going to a concert, (no, not the Jonas Brothers sadly :(. Some band called Earth, Wind and Fire.) so that should be fun because we have 4th row seats. Then we are swimming and shopping... g2g ttyl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm Burning Up For The Jonas Brothers!!!!!

OMG!!!! This was my 3rd Jonas Brother concert and they just keep getting better and better!!!! On our ride to Hershey Park, PA, we were in a limo and the girls in the car next to us we like waving and holding up pictures of the Jonas Brothers, so my mom stuck her hand out the window and waved a little bit. Then they started pointing to a picture of the Jonas Brothers and holding up a thumbs up or thumbs down to the driver, and he did thumbs up and pointed to the backseat and the girls started screaming!!! LOL. When we finally got to the concert, we went to our seats and they were AH-MAZING!! 32 row!!! Demi Lovato opened, and she sang some of the new songs off of her new album.... she is even more ah-mazing in person!!!!! Then there was Avril.... wow. I mean, she was great, but there were 5 year olds at the concert, and she was cursing and singing R-Rated songs.... and she kinda looked like a raccoon... lol. So then... the Jonas Brothers band walked on stage... they started playing SOS.... the stage lit on fire and THE JONAS BROTHERS WERE ON!!!!!! I mean, we saw them passing in a golf cart earlier, but now it was their time to shine!!! They sang the songs off their old old album, their current album and their new album!!! It was ah-mazing. They did 3 encores!!! I will never for get this concert.... EVER!!! And my new fave saying is Peace, Love and Jonas.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


I know I wrote this morning, but I forgot to mention my July Faves.

  • Drink: Sprite
  • Flower: Still the Hawaiin flower
  • Perfume: Same... Smells Like Juicy
  • Snack: Cheetos
  • Lip Gloss: DuWop Lip Venom
  • Food: Kous Kous
  • Bathing suit: Roxy
  • Color: Coral

Thats all for now and make sure to read the post before this about the Bahamas!!!

My Trip To The Bahamas

OMJ!!!! The Bahamas was my FAVORITE trip EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had sooooooooooooooooooo much fun, and i didn't want to go home. :( Sadly, we had to. The group was awesome. There were 14 people part of the time, and 11 the other. Chelsea, Chloe, Donnie, Dylan, Jodi, Best Buddy, my mom, Joni, Emelei, me and Jack was the 11 and the 14 added Lynda, Janet and Jenna. Here is what we did each day:

Friday, June 27th: We got off the plane in Nassau. We had to walk accross the airplane runway. The airport was sooooooo tiny!!!!!! We were outside waiting for our limo and there was all these cameras, reporters from Entertainment Tonight and the news. My moms friend walked over to one and asked who was coming, and it turned out this 60 year old tennis player was getting married. When we finally got to the Cove Atlantis, we went up to our room, and there was throw up all over, so they moved us to the 17th floor. Our room number was 17819 and 17821. I called Chelsea and we met up at the not-so-lazy Lazy River. There were all these rapids and they sent me flying off my tube a number of times.

Saturday, June 28th: Didn't do much this day. Explored the island mostly. Went on the Lazy River and the Power Tower. The Power Tower is a big tower that has a bunch of slides. It was part of the Lazy River. Went out to dinner and believe it or not there were 2 famous people there!!! Their names were Sharaine and Laurel Barret, 2 famous singers. We also went to the dig in the Royal Towers. It was awesome and I hate aquariums!!!

Sunday, June 29th: Went down 4 water slides. The Racer slides I did first. They were 2 slides and you raced someone down.... but the drop was HUGE and it was rreeaallllyy steep.... but not nearly as steep as the Leap Of Faith, which is the 2nd one I went down. It was as steep as a wall... literly!!! I'll try to add pictures. The 3rd one was the shark tunnel. You went down a curly slide and it was really dark and all the sudden you drop into a shark tunnel!!! It takes you through this mini aquarium. There were all these sharks laying on top of the tube... eeekk! Chelsea and i paddled our way out of there as fast as we could... but the tube seemed to like it! the last was the Jungle slide. It was just a stupid curly slide that you barely went fast on. We also went on the boring lazy river... there were 2. I liked the fast one instead. We ended up ditching that one and spending 3 hours on the good rapid lazy river.

Monday, June 30th: We rented a cabana on the beach. Chelsea and I were walking up and down it and we found a lot of tropical fish.... and a dead pufferfish!!! I threw it on her brother. Emelei is, like, the pro at finding seaglass, because she found like a bucket full! The water is as clear as a glass of water there, and the sand is as white as a sheet of paper. There was an adult only pool by the cabana and there were all these ladies topless!! There were also all these basketball players there.

Tuesday, July 1st: This is one of my fave days because we swan with the dolphins!!!!!!!!!!! They were so sweet! Our group got the baby and the mom dolphin. I kissed the dolphin on the nose, hugged her, made her do tricks, and fed her fish. Then we started singing the song, "Low", by Flo Rida and the 11 dolphins danced!!! We also went swimming after it was over.

Wednesday, July 2nd: We rented jet skis and explored the ocean. I went on with Chelsea's older brother and we raced Chelsea and her mom out to this island named Blue Lagoon. We look out in the ocean and all the sudden, we saw this big baby, 5 foot long, GREAT WHITE SHARK! It was sooooooo scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We left there fast and raced back to shore, and saw some huge, I-don't-know-what-they're-called fish!!!!!!!!!!!! We had dinner at this fancy restruant called The Bahamain Club. Our dinner reservations were at 9:15, so we didn't get back till 12:30.

Thursday, July 3rd: CHELSEA'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Emelei and I brought her this blueberry muffin to her hotel room and sang Happy Birthday. All day we did what she wanted to do... swim.Later on her and I went by ourselves to some of the waterslides. We went on the Shark Tunnel slide, and the Jungle Slide a couple times, then went and watched people go down the Leap Of Faith. We went out to dinner at Casta de Angelos, and we had the resturant sing to her.

Friday, July 4th: THE 4TH OF JULY!!!! We swam most of the day, but that night we rented a 50 foot boat and we watched the fireworks goo off. If they people on the beach thought they had the best seats, they were wrong, because the barge that was shooting them off was 125 feet away from them, and 10 feet away from us!!! They were the most ah-mazing fireworks EVER!!! After the fireworks, the driver of the boat put us like 10 feet away from the shore and we watched the remaining beach boys in concert. After they said, "That was our last song," we all screamed on the top of our lungs and the boat honked its horn and the beach boys said, "According to the boat, it looks like we have an oncore!" After they sang, Play That Funky Music White Boy, the driver took us to Senor Frogs, and we pulled up to the balcony of the raving restruant and Chloe and I shouted, "Happy 4th of July!" and everybody took out their cameras and started taking pictures of us, because they thought we were famous. LOL. On our way back we pulled up to the cruise ship, Carnival, and honked the horn.

Saturday, July5th: Went home. :(

The Bahamas was awesome and I could not have asked for a better trip in my life. I will never forget it.