Saturday, November 29, 2008

The City of Rockettes

Heyy! So I just got back from New York City and it was AH-MAZING! We didn't get a chance to go shopping, but we are going back either this coming weekend or the weekend of my birthday (December 12th) to shop and see another Broadway show.

The Rockefeller Christmas Spectacular was the best show I have ever seen in my life. I can't spoil the whole show for you, because it is #1 at my recommend list, but let me tell ya. The dancing, singing, acting, stage stunts and everything made it seem so real... as if it were actually happening right before your eyes. The costumes were one of my favorite parts. They were so sparkly and eye catching. They did a scene from The Nutcracker and the girl who played Elsa had a perfect ballet posture. Anyway, I give it a 5 star rating.

When we went out to eat, the restaurant sang to me. My mom said it was payback for when we went with Chelsea's family and Chelsea and I told the waiter to sing to her. It was fun though. Embarrassing, but fun. I had lasagna and cheesecake while I texted Liiiizzzziiii. Who, by the way, was at the BEST mall ever today and got the most amazing leggings I have ever seen.

Ok, enough about New York. I have a new, but painful and horrible topic to share...

So on Friday night I was walking down the stairs to get dinner. On the second stair down out of 18 stairs, I slipped and tumbled down. Now my ankle is twisted and I have a lump on my thigh that looks like a ginormous bug bite, but it really is a bump from my klutziness.

Can you believe it is almost December? I know I predicted November would go by quick, but wow, quicker than planned. I'm so excited for December though. My birthday, Christmas, winter break, New Years, relatives birthdays, friends birthdays, not to mention snow! Come on. How could you NOT love December?!

Have a good night/day... when ever you read this! I will update as soon as possible!

-Cassidy <3

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Heyy! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!! Mine is awesome so far. I just finished helping my mom cook the desserts, so I got a change to post. I watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and boy was it long! Haha. But it was good. My favorite parts were when the bands performed, the Broadway performances and some of the floats. I loved Miley's outfit too... it was cute and perfect for the freezing weather.

What I'm wearing today... (Thanksgiving) by ActressCa11

How is your Thanksgiving? Comment and tell me how it is!

OMJ, I was reading an article last night and you know how the Jonas Brothers are lighting the Christmas tree in New York City tomorrow night? Well they are going to be there all weekend. And guess who else is going to be there this weekend? ME!! Yay! We are going to go see the Rockafeller Christmas Spectacular, shop and other things. Now that I found out the Jonas Brothers are also going to be there, I am 10 times more excited to go!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving. Hope it is the best ever!

-Cassidy <3

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

1/2 day, Ice Age and Town

Heyy! Today was another 1/2 day at school. It was a team day, so every academic period our team went to the 7th grade house center to watch Ice Age. I was the sloth, Lizzi was the mammoth and Tori was the lion/tiger thing. We had fun acting like them. Lizzi started crying and we went, "Sentimental heart-warming moment." Haa.

After school Alexis, Tori, Lizzi, Emelei and I walked to town. For lunch we went to Tj's, we went to Pennington Market for chocolate, Halmark for cards and Jann's for ice cream. I met a fairy in Pennington Market and she gave us necklaces. LOL. These 2 kids kept following us around and they asked where we were eating lunch. We told them we were eating at Pennington Bagel, so they went there to look for us. they texted Tori that they were there eating bagels. Tori and I walked in there and their jaw dropped. It was sooo funny. Then they were stalking us... like a lot. One of them gave us the finger, and Tori gave it right back. When Lizzi saw that, she gasped and walked away. I had an awesome time.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!! I will post a special post tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

-Cassidy <3

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fire Drillzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Heyy! Today at school we had a fire drill in the freezing, cold, wet, rain. It was real though. We were like, ok, ok, we get it. We should start wearing long sleeves in case a fire drill happens. But then 5 police cars, an ambulance and 2 fire trucks pulled in. We were all excited, because the teachers said in about one minute we are going to go over to the high school to wait in the gym until we find out, but then they let us back inside. We were all so excited, because we thought we were going to have an unexpected "field trip". Haha.

So today was fun... but for the most reasons because it was a half day. In art we watched The Nightmare Before Christmas. It was soooo boring. In social studies, we watched people present their projects on the early humans. Lunch was normal. Tori, Lizzi, Emelei and I were in the lunch line, but then got out because we though it was too early to eat lunch. But if you ask me, 9:30 is to early to eat lunch. Gym was normal and boring. Alexis, Tori and I went into the fitness center and played DDR (Dance Dance Revolution), and we were on the exercise bikes. In science we watched, again, more presentations about symbiotic relationships between animals. In music someone came in to play guitar for us. Ms. Salbego said, Mr Griffen (a person who came in and taught us about the band Yes!, and let me tell ya, it was booorrrriiinnnggg) is coming back in January to answer our questions. I said to Tori, "My question is, Is Yes! dead yet?" It was meant to go to her, but the whole class heard, and started laughing. Oh well. I got the crowd going. Tori requested for him to play a Jonas Brother song on the guitar, but he said, "Sorry, I only play real music." Last time I checked, buddy, the Jonas Brothers is as real as it gets! In math we worked on more pages about calculating the perimeter of a rectangle when there are sides left out.

Jaden came over today and her, Emelei and I were looking at a bunch of music videos by P!nk, The Pussycat Dolls, Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus and many more. We even were mimicking some of them. Then I got on Polyvore and made a few more sets.

Gots ta go.... dinner is here!

-Cassidy <3

Monday, November 24, 2008

Your A Fish!!!

A hahahahahaha. Yoi had to be there. Seriously. To get the joke. But let me tell ya... it was soooooooooooo hilarious!!!!!

Today at school it was a half day. I don't kno why, but for some reason, half days always seem like full days. But it's funny, it says its half, but it feels like a whole. Hehe. C'mon guys. Laugh at my pun. There ya go.

So yesterday I went to Lizzi's house... and like always... we had a blast. We are going to film her in a v-log maybe tomorrow if she isn't busy *hint hint*. We attempted to yesterday, but we were laughing so hard the whole time we couldn't get our act together.

I know this was soooo incredibly short, but I have to finish homework. How sad. :-(

-Cassidy <3

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lizzi, answer your phone!

Ok, so since like 11:00 I have been trying to call Lizzi to SEE IF SHE WANTS TO COME OVER! So if you read this post Lizzi, call my cell phone. Thank you. Thank you very much.

So today I'm going to get a haircut and I've been looking frantically on the computer for ideas. I have a pretty good odea of what I want done, but I was looking for inspiration. I will keep looking, and if I don't find one, I will loog in mags when I get there.

Last night, I FINALLY got the printer to work. After 5 hours of trying to fix it, I just turned it off and then back on and it worked. Ugh. Who knew something so simple could work soooo well. It made me. MAD! At the same time, it made me happy, frusterated, glad, sad and angry at once. Who knew 1 person could have so many feelings at once!!!

OMJ, I was watching Miley Cyrus on the Ellen show, and it was soooooooo funny. You GOTTA watch it! She opens up about her boyfriend, and everytime Ellen mentions his name, she like cracks up. It is soo funny. Just go to Youtube and type in Miley Cyrus on the Ellen show or even google it. I don't care which one you do. Go now. Comment in this post about hwo you like it. You are going there now... right? Right.

-Cassidy <3

PS: What are you still doing here? I'm pretty sure I just told you to google that on Youtube or Google. So whatcha still doing her, punk?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Do printers have hard feelings?

Uuuggghhh. I was so bored today, and there is a project I have to do this weekend for language arts. Well, I was so bored I decided to start over. Stupid idea. I hit the printer this morning because it wasn't printing, and now when I went to print over 3 hours of hard work of re-doing a project, IT WON'T PRINT!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh. I'm still trying....... but it isn't working. I'm sooooo mad.

Today was a 1/2 day at school, but it felt like a whole day. We went to TJ's with Linda and Belin. Bad idea. It felt like the whole school was in town there and it was even worse in the pizza place. Oh well... I sat down with Alexis, Rowana and Tori and we talked. Then Sarah, Hannah and Aubrey came in and I was talking for a little while, but then my mom wanted to go because she claimed, "it was busier than Disney World". Hahaha.

Now the Christmas tree is up!!!!!!!!!!! It is so tall and looks ah-mazing-ly pretty. Very Christmas-y.

I got my report card today... I did ok, but my goal is to do better next marking period :-).

I really have nothing else to say.... I will post later tonight.

-Cassidy <3

Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's......... SNOWING!!!

Mwa ha ha ha ha! It's snowing! Lizzi and I were waiting for her dad to pick us up from dance, and there were tiny little snow flakes falling! Now there is bigger snowflakes falling and guess what??? It's supposed to snow tomorrow! Woo hoo!

So at dance tonight Lizzi and I made a new friend. Her name is Elanor, but we call her... Smellanor!! I know... sooo creative! Haha. Genious. Pure. Genious. I have a lot of energy (In case you haven't noticed) and OMJ! When we were waiting in the waiting room tonight I cracked my head against a solid plaster wall and it sounded like a gun shot going off. OWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! Now I have a major head ache. :-(

Now I'm eating ginger snaps. Ok, I'll stop this here and stop boring you to death. I'm sorry my posts have been so short, but I promise they will be getting longer vveeerrryyy soon!!

-Cassidy <3

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Under Pressure

This is my Karhma for procrassanating. I was assigned a science project I thought was going to be easy, emphesis on thought, so I decided to do it tonight. But this project turned out to take me 4 hours. 4!!! Then I had to email myself all these pics for language arts tomorrow because we are doing a project with them. I deleted all the emails after I thought I saved them, and I went to print them out AND THEY DIDN'T SAVE! I had like 30 pictures, and they were gone! G-O-N-E! And it took me almost an hour to do it. Ugh. I re-emailed them to myself, and printed them out. Thank the lord I did some of my homework on my way to the orthodontist. BTW... my new band colors on my braces are red on the top and green on the bottom!!!

So today at the orthodontist... I broke a bracket this morning eating bread... how bread can break a bracket no one knows. So I went to get it fixed and the lady who was fixing it was sooo rough and she puntured my lip, gum and cheek with the tool. ARG!! And the worst part is.... I get my braces off in June. But besides homework and the ortho, my day was ah-mazing.

Gotta go... relax. Go figure! LOL.

-Cassidy <3

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Ok, so I was just looking at the results of the poll (it is up for 2 more days) and someone answered that they are a school drop out... creepy. LOL.

So I just got done doing homework and UGH was it BORING! LOL. But still, what's the point!? I spend close to 8 hours a day working out butt off learning stuff we are going to probably forget withen our lives, and then we come home and do more. Just kidding. But I do think that all this homework is a tad ridiculous. But overall, I like school. Some of the classes are boring *cough cough spanish*, but yeah. It's so much better than elementary school. a lot more freedom. Now im on the school emailing website emailing friends and iming people on aim.


Monday, November 17, 2008


Heyy! Sorry I haven't posted in like... a while. Today in science all the sudden my arm started burning really bad. Mrs. Greener just released us to work on a project, so I went to to Tori and she said go to the nurse. Then I went to Lizzi, She ALSO said to go to the nurse. Then 2 more kids, Jack and Micheal, again, told me to go to the nurse. After all these people told me to go, I listened. The nurse said it is probably... eek, another spider bite. I thought they were gone. Gone for good. Forever. Until they came back.... and they decided to come back last night. BUT FOR GOD'S SAKE THIS IS THE 14TH BITE I'VE HAD IN THE LAST MONTH!!!!!!! GRR! Ok, moving on.

This weekend Lizzi slept over. We had tons of fun *like always*. We mostly talked *ahem*! Sorry, only Lizzi will get what I am trying to say. And if you think you do, you're wrong. Wrong I tell you! WRONG! Ok, ok, I have a lot of energy.

We just got back from the dentist for Emelei and she has 2 cavities and a chipped tooth. We schedualed for her to get them fixed at the end of Janurary. Seems so long away... but it really isn't I mean, come awn. Look how fast the first 3 months of school have gone by?!?!?! Its so crazy.

-Cassidy <3

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Heyy! This cannot me long because I'm getting ready for dance. But anyway...

Today I had to go into another social studies classroom to give something to the teacher and to get something I printed, and Tori came with me. On our way out, I was walking against cabnets and I just walked into one! Out of the blue! It was so embarrassing. I went back and told Ms. Dumont and apparently everyone heard, and they started laughing. I mean, it was definetly funny... but to those it didn't happen to.

OhmiJonas, so I thought Lizzi would forget. But she didn't. And now my best friend is stressing me out. You want to know why?!?!?! Because SHE IS GOING TO DELETE HER BLOG AT POST 150! That's right. You heard me. Less than 15 posts away it will be by-by JoiseyGal... FOREVER!!! Please comment on her blog or this post. Please please please please! I also made something on Polyvore to help her decide to keep it longer... but it isn't working too well. Please comment!!!

Gotta go shove my feet into my Uggs to get to dance. I'll post later or tomorrow.

-Cassidy <3

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Okay, It was funny the first time, kinda the next, weird the third, NOW IT'S PLAIN RIDIC!!!

Okay, sorry for my little bit of energy there. But today at school I had another "insident"...

I had a gym excuse note because yesterday I stayed home from school, due to the stomach virus. I went to the library, or according to my gyn teacher, The Bary of Lie. Anyway, there was a class in there the was soooooo noisy. When they left, I was relieved. I had finished my work, and needed to print something and put something in the shared folder or language arts, so I hopped on the computer. The librarian came up to me and said, "Now I'm not sure how many people are going to come in for the next class, but you mught need to get off the computer. But we will see. Don't worry about it." Listening to her, I didn't. Until the next class came in. A kid walked up to me when I was on the computer and he said,

Person 1: Are you in 6th grade?
Me: Ummm... yeaaa???
Person 1: Oh my god really? Dang it. I mean... nevermind... *walks away*
Person 1: Dude, you were right!!!!!
Person 2: Told you that you were crushing on a 6th grader!!!!!!

I was so embarassed I ran our=t of the library. The period was almost over anyway.

I would definetly write more, but I am sooo tired and still have tons to do.

-Cassidy <3

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My day...

Heyy! So i just got back from the park with my uncle, Ryan, my mom and brother and I learned how to throw a football!!! Hahaha. I'm so stupid with sports that when I went to catch it I actually caught it, and then spun. It was soo embarrassing. LOL. Then when we left my mom had to go to Pennington Market, so Jack and I stayed in the car and I prank called Lizzi. It was funny, but unfortunately she knew it was me.
:-(. Oh well.

When we were on our way there, there was a HUGE plane over head. It was like 30 yards above the telephone poles, it had 4 engines and 6 mistles. It was probably an army plane landing at the Mercer County airport.

I can't believe after 4 days off, it's almost over. Time goes so fast. But on the bright side, I'm probably going to Lizzi's house on Wednesday. Yay!

-Cassidy <3

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Boring, Rainy Day

OMJ! Today it was sooooooooooooo boring. Here is what I litterly did... all day.

-Woke up
-Ate breakfast
-Walked into the living room, sat down, and watched like 4 episodes of Dr. 90210
-Ate lunch
-Checked my email
-Texted Chelsea
-Logged on Polyvore and made some new sets (BTW- My account is jonas_girl_92)
-Took a shower
-Ate dinner
-Played BINGO with my mom, Joni and Jack

And now im at this point. I know, sounds like fun, right???? LOL. Tomorrow my mom said we can do something better, but because it rained today she didn't want to go out in the rain.

So I was looking at cell phones today, and I have no absoulute idea of which one to get. I currently hand the BlackJack II, but I absoultly HATE it. So I can't decide which phone to get. I've narrowed it down to the Voyager, enV2, Sidekick, and 3 others but I forget their name. If you guys have any ideas, please, please comment them! Thanks!!!

In my last post I predicted that Friday was going to be boring. I was soooo wrong! Here is what we did:

-Woke up
-Went to the bank
-Went to the jewelry store to drop off 2 watches
-Went to the dry cleaners
-Back home to pay the cleaning lady lol
-Drove around Pennslyvania and looked at houses for sale
-Went to Target- Jack wanted Pokemon cards lol
-Went to the bookstore for more of the series Lizzi and I are reading :-)
-Out to lunch
-Picked up the watches
-Picked up the dry cleaning
-Went to the dog store
-Went to the car washing place

So, yeah. Linda, Ryan and Sam came over to the house tonight. It was fun. We talked, looked at houses on the computer (lol) and played cards. Oooh, and I drew funny pictures of everyone at the table.

Ok, this post is long enough.

-Cassidy <3

PS: Dannie and Tutie are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama and more...

OMG! So Obama win the election. Let's hope there is a good reason behind it...

So this week went sooo fast because we only has school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday... yay!!! But the downside on Tuesday night...

I went to bed at my dads house... but before that I changed my sheets. Then I heard a buzzing and I turned on my light and it was a bee. I left it alone, thinking if I disturbed it it would bite me. When I woke up, I had 4 bites on my arm. All day I thought the bee stung me, so I even went to the nurse at school on Wednesday and she gave me medicine to put on it. When I went home, my mom looked at it and she said it was a spider bite.... a freekin' SPIDER bite!! Gross much??? The thought of an ugly, black creature creature crawling on me and biting me gives me the CREEPS!!! Ugh...

So today I didn't do much. Emelei went to work with Joni, and my mom, Jack and I went and got Jacks haircut at the mall and then we went and saw Beverly Hills Chiuwawa (or how ever you spell it). It was good!! I give it 4 stars.

Tomorrow is going to be boring... well probable. Lizzi is in Vermont, Emelei is with Deb and Chelsea is in NYC... :-(

-Cassidy <3

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

McCain or Obama? Who do YOU choose?

Heyy! Sorry I haven't posted. I put a poll on the side and vote for if you either like McCain, Obama or if you don't care!!!

This has to be quick, because 1) I'm watching the elections and 2) I'm finishing social studies extra credit.... yes, it's about the elections. :-)

So far, McCain is winning!!!!! YAY!!!!

I'll post tomorrow about more stuff, and I promise it'll be longer.

-Cassidy <3

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Heyy!!! Happy November 1st! I updated my November Faves, so look!

Last night was Halloween and I had a blast!! Chelsea, Emelei and I were Jonas Brother stalker/fan things and Madi was a Jonas Brother cheerleader! Chloe was a pirate and her friend was a gyspy. We went trick-or-treating in Chelsea's neighborhood and some people left the candy on the front porch. When the sign taked Take 5, Chelsea told Chloe to leave some for the other people, and Chloe said tough luck for them and grabbed a handful. It was hilarious! Then we went to Mindy's and Madi, Chelsea, Emelei, and I were sitting down and Madi and I were texting things like:

Me: Fun?
Madi: Oh very
Me: Voted best party of 2008
Madi: Yes very exciting

Then I accidently flipped off the couch and I said...

Me: Blonde moment
Madi: Yes not kidding
Me: Ugh im gonna hurt my mom im so bored
Madi: Seriously ripping fistfuls of hair out is more fun

Ok, I think you get the point. We all had a blast!!!!! Madi, Chelsea and I are going to have a sleepover sometime soon.

OMJ I can't believe it's November already!!! October flew by sooooooo fast its not even funny!! But I'm sooo excited because December is coming up.

-Cassidy <3