Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Heyy! My Memorial Day weekend is going pretty good so far. A little things here and there that are bad, but overall good. Yesterday I went to my aunt's party, and we had a lot of fun. Well, for me it was okay. Not the best. But everyone else seemed to be having fun. I just didn't know anyone there... haha.

Lizzi has been busy all weekend, so she wasn't able to sleepover, but today she's coming over for the day. We're having a Memorial Day party, so we should have a lot of fun. Can't wait, Lizzi!!!

Oh crap...this was really short. I have to go help set up for the party.

Cass <3

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Eeks! My Hair is Short, My Shoulder is Busted, What Else is Going to go Wrong?!

Heyhey. A lot new has happened lately. Two days ago I got my hair cut, and told her I wanted a trim not too much off the ends, long layers and side bangs. What did she do? She chopped three inches off my hair, cut straight across and no side bangs. *Sighs* I'd post a picture, but I'd rather not. I have been wearing my hair in a ponytail all week..hahaha. 

So this morning I woke up, sat up and stretched. Then all the sudden I turned my head to look at the time, and my eyes welled with tears. My shoulder/neck was KILLINGGG me! I went to school, thinking it was going to be better. Knowing my luck, it obviously got worse. During first period I turned my head to look at the homework, and I was struck with pain. Now, you might think its no other than a sore shoulder. But this is a crampy, teary-eyed, knife stabbing, throbbing pain. During science I went to the nurse. She took some "tests" on me, and even checked to make sure I didn't hurt my collar bone because she said it was pretty bad. She gave me some medicine, and sent me back to class. When my mom picked me up from school, she said it was probably a pinched nerve and a torn muscle, but she said if it keeps hurting for the next few days she will take me to the doctor.

On a more positive note...

Tomorrow we have a half day, and we have Monday off due to Memorial Day weekend. Hallelujah! I'm so excited for the long weekend...sleepovers with Lizzi and parties!!! Can't wait <3333

Cass <3

Monday, May 18, 2009

Dance Is Over, It's the End of May, and Believe it or Not, We're almost 7th graders...

Heyy! So the recital on Saturday went amazing!!! The only bad thing that happened was a girl slipped and fell on stage, and a pointe dancer rolled on her ankle, and broke it. :-(. Other than that, we did awesome! I can't wait for next dance year. It's going to be so much fun!!! It was sad that it ended, but there is always going to be more. 

After the recital, Lizzi's family, Chelsea's family, and my family all went out to dinner at TJ's. We had an awesome time. Lizzi and I changed out of our costumes when we got there though...we felt kinda stupid in a restruant in a costume. Hahaha. 

Yesterday we had soccer. Lizzi didn't go because she was sick. It was an okay game...we lost 2-1. Everyone was really tired, including me. Lizzi slept over the night before, and we were up until about 3:00 AM! Exausted much! Oh, very.

You know what else is sad? That it is the end of the school year. It is the end of May, and we have only June left. There are a bunch of half days, days off, team days, and field trips coming up too. I have a feeling the rest of the year is going to be very easy. This school year has gone soo quickly though! It seems like just yesterday it was summer, and we entered the building for the first time, a million thoughts running around our head. Who will I be friends with? Will anyone hate me? What if it's too hard here? They were some of the thoughts that were going through my head. Oh, where has the time gone...

Tonight was the dance party. It was a lot of fun. I mostly hung out with Lizzi and Chelsea, but Elanor and Kate too.

Gotta go get ready for bed.

Cass <3

Saturday, May 16, 2009



Haha. I'm sosososo excited, and ready. Yesterday we have a 3 1/2 hour rehersal, and it payed off. Seeing all the dances that people worked hard on all year, and being able to practice on stage in front of a small crowd got you ready for the show later on. Lizzi and I have a 11:00 hair appointment, and we might sneak into our towns special day after. It's just a day where everyone that lives in out town goes and celebrates. All of our friends will be there. Then we have to go home and get ready, then go to the high school to get into our positions for the opening number. The recital starts at 3:00, and ends at 6:00. After the recital, my family, Lizzi's family and Chelsea's family are all going to TJ's for dinner.

Wish us luck for the show later!!!

Cass <3

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Goodbye, careless, free, stress-less weeks...

I'm absoultly dreading tomorrow at school. Wanna know why? Becuase Of stupid, stupid, stupid, STUPIDDDD testing. I know, I know. ALl us kids think it's pointless, a waste of time, and the worst thing to have came on this planet. But, I guess when youj really think about it, it determines how well we did this year, and how much our school district needs to be improved. So, there is a point, but not one that normal people care about.

This weekend was partly exhausting. I had a party on Friday night, well, 2, but I didn't go to the other one. More like I couldnt...and then last night I attended another party that was A LOT of fun. When I got home, I was up to around 12:30-ish watching Bride Wars and texting. Then today was Mother's Day, *by the way, happy Mother's Day!* and I had a soccer game. A lot of people weren't going, so my mom didn't make me go. Thank God, because clearly I'm really tired. Instead, I went outside and practiced because I haven't been able to practice in a while due to the rain, and played with Sweet Pea.

Hopefully you all have a great rest of the day, and a wonderful week coming up.

Cass <3

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Too Much, May You Ask?

OHHEEMMMGEEE!! Tonight we had wayyyyy too much homework, in my opinion. Here is what we had:

  • Finish an essay for Language Arts, many of us didn't start
  • Write a 3 paragraph essay for Social Studies, on the peace treaty between Carthage and Rome
  • Science worksheet "Reasons for the Seasons", an interview, and a quiz on Friday
  • Pages 19-24 in the test prep packet for Math

For once, I think I'm thanking my science teacher for not overloading us tonight. I finished the interview last night, because it was assigned yesterday and due Friday, and the worksheet was reletivley easy. Language Arts we had to take our time to perfect the essay, and I have trouble in Social Studies, so I took extra time to do the essay. Math, well, math is math. Boring, time consuming...math. I also took time to do the math homework, because math is DEFFF not my best subject.

Tonight, thankfully, I didn't have tooo tooo muchh to do after homework. I had to have dinner, take nail polish off *can't have it on for Dress Rehersal in dance on Thursday...and if I didn't take it off when I remembered...I'm afraid I would forget*, shower, study for LA and Science, and remember to breathe... :-)

Ohhh!! Today is Cinco de Mayo! Too bad I didn't have Spanish today...I would have attempted, but probably not succeded to impress my teacher by knowing that. Haha.

Gotta go... 7:30 and I still have muchhh to do.


Cass <3

Monday, May 4, 2009

Rain, rain, go away...

OMGGG WHENNN INN THEEE WWOORRLLLDDD WILL IT JUST STOPP RAININGG!! Last week there was beautifullll weather....high 80's, low 90's. Just enough to wear cute shorts, short sleeve shirts and Converse or flip flops. Then, I awoke on Wednesday morning and I see white, puffy clouds, screaming RAIN IS COMING! Ever since, it was been rain, rain, and more rain. Our soccer game was cancled, due to the rain. I straightened my hair this morning, and now it's curly again, due to the rain. I mean, my mood would be lifted and I wouldn't be as crabby if it wasn't raining, but noooo. On top of this nastynastynasty weather, there is tesp prep all week long. There is a map quiz in social studies tomorrow. Anddd and science quiz on Friday. Why oh why do teachers cram before the most hectic, hard, stressful week? I just don't get it. Don't get it at all.

On a more positive note...

Today in science Lizzi and I were talking about how we want to go shopping soon together. We can't wait to go to F21 and J Crew. We might go shopping at J Crew sometime in May, and I don't know when we will go to F21.

Thursday will probably be the highlight of my week. We have in-class dress rehersal for dance, which is when we go in our costume and get our pictures done, and we perform our dance for the parents.

Gotta go now...get ready for bed and studystudystudy some more...

Cass <3