Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Ohmigoooooddnesssssss!!!!! So today I got my braces off!!! WOOT WOOT! I'm soo happy!! It was really painful getting them taken off, but it was worth every minute of it. My retainer is clear with silver sparkles, and its top and bottom. It makes it really hard to talk, but I'll get used to it. Braces were definitely worth it though, my teeth look soo straight!!!

So I have more news....

Okay, so when my mom and I were driving home from the orthodontist, her friend texted her and said she has a dog (well, its kind of a long story. It's one of my moms friends, but another one of my moms friends dogs.) My moms friend (first one mentioned) is trying to find a home for this dog. So she texted my mom, asking if we were interested. We weren't at first, but one we saw a picture, my mom and i were hooked. My moms friend brought him over later, and we all loved him. So, tomorrow.... *drumroll...* the dog, Oscar, is coming to his now permanant home... OUR HOUSE!!! I'm soooo excited!!!! I posted a picture on the side. He's coming tomorrow at 1:00. Lizzi is coming over at 3:30 to sleepover! Ahhh! Tomorrow is going to be SUCH a good day. We were going to go to LBI for the day, but I think the plans were worth changing :).


Monday, August 10, 2009

Shall I Start By Apologizing?

Heyy! Ohmigosh I haven't posted forever!! I have been super busy lately. 2 weekends ago we were in LBI for a couple days. I had so much fun! Linda brought her dogs, Lucy and Macho. They're huge golden doodles, but yet adorable. It was Emelei and my job to walk them the whole time we were there. I didn't mind it though. They're so much fun to walk! We went to the beach everyday, then stayed in for dinner. It was very relaxing. 

When we got back, we didn't do much until Tuesday. Okay, that's only one day to spare (Monday). Haha. We were seeing Wicked on Broadway on Wednesday, and we had two extra tickets. I brought Lizzi.  She slept over Tuesday night because we left to go to New York City early Wednesday morning. We had a lot of fun at the sleepover, but made a bad choice to stay up until 2:50 AM. Hahaha. Oh well. We drove into NYC. Lizzi got super carsick, so she slept most of the way, while Emelei and I were anticipating the show! Once we got into NYC, we parked and walked to the show. The show was absolutely amazing. I LOVEDDD it soo much. The stage. Actors. Set design. Everything was incredible! I loved it so much we're going to see it again for my birthday. Haha! When we went out to dinner after the show, we were sitting at a table next to 2 stars from Dancing With The Stars!! It was soo cool!

Over the weekend, I went to Six Flags. It was okayy.... really hot and crowded. We got there kinda late so the lines were really long. Like the line for El Toro was 3 hours. But whatev. We still had a lot of fun.

Today I didn't do much. I woke up kinda late, then went to the pool with Emelei, Tori, Kyle and Jaden. We all had a lot of fun though haha. The only thing was... it was soo hot outside today. It said it was 93, but then it said it felt like 103. Wow!! Hahaa. 

Wednesday I'm getting my braces off!!! I'm so excited. I have had them on for almost three years, and now its all over!!! They're. Coming. Off!!! WOO HOO! Hahaa sorry... can you tell I'm excited?!?! Haha!!

I'll post again either tomorrow or Wednesday.