Sunday, April 26, 2009

Where Has The Time Gone...

Heyy! OMG sorry it has been so long! I have been so busy lately...and my Mac won't let me blog because the whole screen is busted up. So much has happened....but first...Happy April! I updated my April Faves...but in a week, they will turn to my May Faves!

Two weeks ago we were in Rome, Italy. Here is a quickquickquick summary of my vacation...if you have any questions, comment with them and I'll answer them in my next post.

Sunday, April 5th: Arrived in Rome. The time difference was a killer, so we went to sleep for a few hours, then I went shopping with Chelsea, Chloe Donald and Jodi. Donald lost his luggage, so that's what we went shopping for. We got back to my hotel rooms, and everyone else in the group was there. We were going out to dinner. Chelsea, Donald, Chloe and Jodi ran up to their room and got changed, and I ran into my bedroom and got changed, because we were hot and sweaty from walking so much. We had to walk down the Spanish Steps to get to the restraunt, and the view was gorgeous.

Monday, April 6th: Early early early in the morning there was an earthquake. The focus was 6o miles east of Rome, which is not very far, and it was a 6.7 on the Ricter Scale, when the highest recorded earthquake was a 7. Today we had a tour of the Coliseum, an amazing landmark from Ancient Rome. It was amazing tro see how the people built it...with no power tools...just millions of people, rock, and rope. Our tour guide screamed at my brother for asking a question, so we left her and looked at the rest on our own. After we left, we went out to lunch. We went back to the Coliseum, but not inside it. We took this little road up a huge hill, and on top of the hill there was a beautiful church. The inside was amazing...anf the stainglass windows took your breath away. Everyone was getting hungry again, so we went out to dinner. Before, we were at this square the Italians called the Common Square, and it was so much fun. There were fountains, and the arcitexture was beautiful. We went out to dinner, and Chelsea and I had to go to the bathroom, but the bathroom was in the basement. I tripped all the way down the stairs coming killed.

Tuesday, April 7th: We went to the island of Capri. This was my favorite part of the vacation. The water was crystol clear blue, and there were millions of tropical fish swimming around. We rented a privite boat to go around the island for the day, but we got there a little early. We took convertible taxi's up to the tippy top of the mountain and had lunch and shopped a little bit. Then we went back down. We all had out hands out of the care going down because Poker Face and Circus was playing. The boat tour was AMAZING! The landscape was beautiful, the water gorgeous, and everything made you think about how lucky you are to be able to do something like this. We took mini canoes into a cave called the Blue Grotto, and the water was a magnificent shade of blue. Look up pictures on google. The car ride back was fun, but 3, long, hours.

Wednesday, April 8th: We had a tour of the Vadican, where the Pope lives. This was okayyyyy....the paintings and sculptures were my favorite part. My favorite room was the 16th Chapel...Michael Angelo painted it. The final product took him 4 years to make, and it's amazing.

Thursday, April 9th, 2009: We went to Florence. I loved the shops here....they had EVERYTHINGGG! Florence is the 2nd biggest shopping district in Italy...the first is Milan, which is also known as The Shopping Capital Of The World.

Friday, April 10th: Today we went shopping. I got a pair of Louis Vuitton shoes, and a Louis wallet. Samantha, Emelei, Jack and I took a horse carriage ride around Rome, while everyone else finished shopping. We celebrated Jack's birthday in the hotel room that night.

Saturday, April 11th: Came home :-(. It was sad to leave, but we all know that we will be taking another vacation together very, very soon.

So that was a summary of my vacation. Remember, if you have any questions, comment with them :-)

This weekend and upcoming week is going to be/has been very hothothot. Yesterday it was 88 degrees, today 92, tomorrow 90, Tuesday 87, and so on. It's time to kiss winter goodbye and say hello to cooler clothes, hotter weather, and my fave, spring/summer shopping!!!

Wow...this is a really long post. I'll post again in about 2 days or so!

Cass <3