Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another Short Post

Heyy! This has to be super quick, I know my last 2 posts have been, and I apologize. I just finished getting ready because today we are going to New York City for the day! I'm so excited. We got tickets last night to go see The Blue Man Group on Broadway, and we're going to go shopping. I hope to go to TopShop and Juicy Couture!! My mom was there with her friends last night at a concert, and they stayed at one of her friend's apartments there, so Jack, Emelei, Linda and I will be meeting up with her once we arrive there. Now I'm just waiting for Linda to come pick up Jack, Emelei and I while sipping yellow gatorade... at 9:19 AM. Haha. 

Yesterday I went to work with my aunt, and she is a wedding planner/floral designer. I went to her warehouse and she taught me how to make floral arrangements. It was actually kind of fun. I made 3 floral arrangements that turned out fairly good. :-)!

Gotta go, she's here!

Cass <3

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Anonymous said...

I like your blog. My mom is getting married soon. Do you have a name and number of the wedding planner?