Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just to let you know...

Hey everybody!!! Just to let you know, I may not be writing for a while, because I am going to the Bahamas on Friday. I am trying to bring a comuter with me, but I am not sure we will get internet service. I will be the first to let you know that if we do get a chance at night or something I will be updating my blog, checking email and replying the letters and making $50.00 international phone calls... tee hee. It will probably be late at night in the hotel's computer room, or at down time before and after dinner. I will update my blog on Sunday, July 6th again, to tell you all about my vacation. Thank you and I hope to be in contact with you on my luxery vacation!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pool Party/ Friday night/ Six Flags

Pool Party:
The moment we all have been waiting for... finally happened!!! On Friday, June 13th, the 5th graders had a pool party!!! I hung out most with Chelsea, Lizzi, Emelei, Alexis, Tori and Caroline. There were games, a DJ and a whole lot more!!!!! We kept requesting songs to the DJ, and even had "When You Look Me In The Eyes" by the Jonas Brothers dedicated to Chelsea, Lizzi, Tori, Alexis and I!!! It was sooo cool... until this kid held this other kid under water until he puked... gross!!! I give it a 2 thumbs up!!!

Friday Night:
Friday night, Jodi, best buddy, Chloe, Chelsea, Emelei, Joni, my mom, Jack and Dylan's band were at my house. We tried to plan our dinner scedual for the Bahamas, but I am not sure it worked so well. We went down to the creek and there were all these fish and crabs in the water, and I decided to be stupid and try to catch one. It didn't work out well. We got back to the house and I went to get off my bike and I scratched my cut... ouch!!! Later on, we went to pick Dylan's band up at their house. The car was soo jam-packed. They came back and played their songs. Ryan decided to take Jack, Emelei, Chelsea, Chloe and me to Six Flags the next day... so Chelsea and Chloe slept over.

Six Flags:
This was my first ever time to Six Flags!!! It was awesome!!! The first ride I went on was El Toro, and the drop was so big you couldn't breathe going down it. There was a TON of corkscrews and it put a lot of pressure on your head. The next ride was the Rapids. The like was like, around 120 minutes long, and it was so hot. This one girl fainted. It was so scary. Anyway, the ride was bogas if you sat where Chelsea and I sat. All the other people we soaked when they got off and we were like bone dry!! It was still fun. One of my favorites was Skull Mountain. I was soooo scared at first, btu we ended up going on it 4 times!!! Chelsea and I were screaming our heads off. The only scary part was when you dropped down off the corkscrew, but that wasn't that scary either. There was also the Runaway Train, adn it was AWESOME!!! You get on this train and it takes you flying down a hill and all these corkswrews. Yup, that was another 4 timer! One of my favorites was the Rolling Thunder. You raced this other cart and you go like a million miles an hour! It rocks!!! After dinner we went and saw a 4-D movie called 'Take Me To The Moon'. I would have liked it better it i didn't have a stomuch ache and my seat belt so tight I couldn't breathe. We were "taking off in a rocket" and the chairs were tipped backwards. I love Six Flags and I can't wait to go again!!

I am enjoying summer so far. Here are the dates I am looking forward to:

June 17th- Verizon premir of Camp Rock (YES!!!)
June 20th- Disney Channel premir of Camp Rock
June 2oth- Chelsea's birthday party
June 27- Takin off for the Bahamas!!
July 1st- In the Bahamas and swimming with dolphins!
July 3rd- Chelsea's birthday!
July 25th- Hershey Park Jonas Brother concert
August 2nd or something- Earth, Wind and Fire concert

Ok ok, I'll stop babaling on and stop this post here. I am sorry it was soo long, but I had a lot to say. I'll write next weekend, or sooner!!!

Cassidy/Roxy (tee hee)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

This and That

OMJ!!! I haven't written for like a trillion years!!!! It is now June 8th... last time I wrote was March 22nd... arg. A lot has happened. A quick summary...

  • Florida in April
  • New puppy... her name is Sweet Pea... she is a teacup yorkie and weighs 1 1/2 lbs... I'll upload pics later...
  • Field Day
  • DARE graduation
  • Memorial day picnic with a trillion people
  • Shopping A LOT!!!!

Ok, maybe not a LOT, but it is still news. It is like a million... well, ok... 97 degrees outside today. The humidity is like 97%. No pool, no trees.... pure heat. Tomorrow is gonna be 99 degrees... lucky me!!! Our school has NO air conditioning.... eww. All the boys are going to be sweating like hogs. I can't wait for summer!!! I am going to the Bahamas with Chelsea, Emelei, Joni, Jack, My mom, Jodi, best buddy (lol), Donnie, Dylan, Chloe, and 3 other people. Let's hope it will be fun. My mom and I are also going to the Hershey Park Jonas Brother concert. My June faves...

  • Lip Gloss: Smackers
  • Drink: Lemon iced tea
  • Bathing suit: Roxy and/or Billabong
  • Color: Turquiose
  • Food: Pizza goldfish
  • Perfume: Juicy Couture "Smells Like Juicy"
  • Flower: The Hawian flower

Ok, that's enough for now. Let's see... 5th grade pool party is on Friday, Field Day last Friday, Camp Rock sooner than soon, Bahamas in 2 weeks. Right nmow, I want a pool more than anything in the world. I went to take Sweet Pea and Merry outside to pee and they ran under the outdoor couches. If you put a toe on the steamy hot deck, it will burn off. They weather alert says there is a heat wave from now until Wednesday... oh joy. I gotta go... going shopping for summer clothes... go figure!!!!!!!

Lots of love,

Cassidy (In Lizzi's words, Roxy)