Saturday, February 28, 2009

Quick and Easy and 123!

Heyy! This has to be really short, because I have a lot to do in so little time. Later is Emelei's birthday party, so I'm getting ready for that, and helping Joni get ready for it. I'm wearing a navy blue J. Crew dress, black Forever 21 leggings, *thanks Chels* and shoes, accessories, blah blah blah. I just got done making a playlist for her party. I added the Jonas Brother Live: 3D movie experience to my iPod and such. 

Last night was the night of all nights. I went and saw...the one....the only..... JONAS BROTHER 3D MOVIE!! It was amazingg!!! I went with Chelsea, Chloe, Jodi, Madi, Morgan, Morgan's friend, and Madi's mom. Since it was opening night, we got there 45 minutes early. We waited in line, then the people that worked there let us into the theatre. We all like ran, Chloe wobbling on her 2 broken toes, so we could all get seats together. When the movie started, we acted like it was a real concert, so we sang and screamed on the top of our lungs. My throat hurt after the movie, but it was worth it :-)

The other night, I walked into a door and I almost broke my nose. Its really red and puffy, and really squishy. I like bruised the cartilage, it it hurts like HECK!! There is also like a huge bump on it, which makes it even worse. 

Gotta go finish getting ready.... can't wait for tonight!! We are going to par-TAYY!!! Plus, Chelsea and Chloe are sleeping over!! WOO HOO!!! Now I really gotta go!!

Cassidy <3

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

OMG!! I mean J... WHATEVER!!

OMJ OMG OMJ!! I haven't posted foreverrrrr!!! I'm not going to go back too far, only to my 5 day vacation *school has been off*.

Friday- Didn't do too much during the day. My knee was killing me, long story, but later on I went to a party. It was Joni's birthday party, to be exact. I had a ton of fun. Most of the time, it was me, Chelsea and her brother Dylan hanging out and stuff. We played a bunch of pranks on each other and my butt still hurts from half of them! When we left, Chelsea went home and got her stuff and came back and slept over. Once again, we had a lot of fun *like always* We prank called people, talked, rocked out to music and a lot more. 

Saturday: Joni's real birthday, Valentines Day. Chelsea and I woke up and ran and told Joni happy birthday. We opened a bunch of box of chocolates and then went back up to my room. We got ready and then my mom drove us to her house. When we got there, we went on the computer, talked, and then Alexis came. Me, Madi, Alexis, Chelsea, Emelei, Jack, Jodi, Chloe and Madi's mom went to go see Confessions of a Shopaholic. It was soooo good.... we all loved it. After the movie, everyone accept Madi and her mom went to dinner at Uno. Chelsea's brothers and dad came too. We talked and critisized our waitor that was acting really weird.. haha. We all went back to Chelsea's house and we put alllll this glitter on our face and got dressed up and we were talking pictures and making videos on my computer. It was a lot of fun. A little later,  we went back to my house and celebrated Joni's birthday. While the adults were talking and planning vacations and stuff, Alexis, Chelsea and I went up to my room and we re-did our answering machines on our phones. They're hilarious. At like 11:30, they all went home :-(

Sunday: When I woke up, I ate breakfast and we went shopping. Here are the stores we went to:

  • Lenscrafters *Emelei had to get glasses*
  • Victoria's Secret/PINK
  • Zoë
  • J Crew
  • Kate Spade
We were going to go to a few more, but since it was Sunday, all the stores closed early. Here is a list of what I got:

2 pairs of jeans: Sevens and J Brand

Bras and undies

J Crew:
2 babydoll skirts
2 necklaces
3 headbands
2 dresses
1 skirt
8 t shirts
5 tank tops
2 pairs of flip flops
*and a bunch more but I'm not home to look in my closet :-)

Kate Spade:
1 tote
1 charm bracelet


Yesterday I went to New York City with Chelsea. We had A TON of fun. We onyl had time to go to the wax museaum, because we got there at 12:00, spent 5 hours in the wax museaum, went to dinner and had to go home. But we still had a lot of fun. We took a lot of funny pictures with the wax figures, but out favorite was taking.... pictures.... with..... the..... JONAS BROTHERS!!!!!!! It was amazingggg!!! We also saw a 4-D movie and it was good, but it scared you at certain times. We also got wax figures of our hands made. Chelsea, Chloe and I all made pink hands in the shape of the peace sign. Some random lady went up to Dylan and took a picture of him, because she thought he was a wax figure. It was soooooo funny. When we were done, we went next door to a restruant. When we walked in, some random guy that worked there said "Here comes the 3rd Jonas Brother" because he thought Dylan was a Jonas Brother. It was hilarious. At dinner, we had many convorsations. After dinner, we went home on the train. When we got back to Chelsea's house, we looked at stuff online, watched her and Chloe try on new jeans and we talked. Then my mom came and picked me up, and dropped Jack off because he was having a sleepover with Chloe.

Today I didn't really do much. I just got back from getting a mani/pedi with Samantha and Emelei. Gotta go... I'm at Joni's work and we are going home.

Cassidy <3

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy February!!

Heyy! Sorry, I haven't posted. Happy February!! I updated my February Faves... so take a look!

It has been snowing all day... everyone is saying "Snow day tomorrow!" but, I don't think we will have one. At least, I hope we don't have one. We had one last Wednesday, and they will get boring if you have them a lot, ya know? So far there is 4 inches, and it keeps falling, and falling, and falling....

This weekend, Lizzi slept over. We went on Polyvore, made funny videos on my computer, took pics, stuffed our faces with fruit roll ups and laffy taffy and so much more. The videos we made were hilarious, and we even got Emelei to be in them! If you know Emelei, it is a big deal, 'cuz she never does things like that. Haha.

Today was so boring at school. We switched classes, so I had art 2 times today, with the same art teacher, in the same room. Boring? It was only the first day though...hopefully it will get funnner. Wait. Funner isn't a word. More fun. There we go.

GUESS WHAT!?!?!?! Lizzi started JoiseyGal again!!! Ahh! I'm sooooooo sooooooo sooooooo sooooooooooo HAPPY!!!!!!

Sorry... this was a really short post. I have to go and shower and eat dinner.

Cassidy <3