Friday, August 29, 2008

Rain, rain, go away.....

I'm sitting on the puffy blue couch on the 3rd floor (well, 2nd if you don't count the basement) in the upsatirs room, looking out the window and watch the rain fall from the sky. The YMCA 6th Grade Meet and Greet was ok, but it was loud and extremaly hot. The next morning we went on a tour of Timberlane, and listenind to a verryyy boring speech about the PTO. (Parent Teacher Association) When that was over, Jodi, Chelsea and I went and got bagles, and then we picked Chloe up from Huntington Learning Center. We went back to her house, called the Jonas Brothers fanline and Demi Lovato fanline, and we made some music videos for BB Good, 7 Things, One World and 2 other songs I forget the title of. Today is Chloes birthday!!! Yeah!!! Woo Hoo!!!! Yippee!!!!! After I left her house, I had to go get my haircut and we made an appointment to get it highlighted on Tuesday. Last night, Emelei and I were rocking out to the Jonas Brothers (sigh) new album. Im sooo mad at my mom, because she is making Jack and I go to a stupid lake house my aunt rented for the weekend. 1. I don't like lakes. 2. She is forcing me against my will and 3. Last time I went away with my aunt, I was miserable. So anyway...

I'm bringing a computer, but unsure if I will get connection, because I have a feeling this stupid lake house thing is out in the middle of nowhere.

Have you seen the Jonas Brothers YouTube video called 'Scratch and Sniff'? Its soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny!!!!!!!

Current Status:
Loving: The Jonas Brothers, my haircut and my iPod
Hating: Lakes
Wishing: I was going to the beach
Hoping: My ice cream I left on the counter doesnt melt before this post is over
Wanting: Advil... I have a monster head ache
Thinking: How much I loovvee the Jonas Brothers
Listening: To a mix of Rachel Ray, Phenias and Ferb and BB Good
Eating: Ice Cream
Watching: Nothing

I have to go get Advil and finish my ice cream. 2dles!!!

Cassidy :P

Monday, August 25, 2008

Sleepover with Lizzi...

Ahh!! Lizzi and I had soo much fun last night. When she got to my house, we took Merry out for a walk and when we got back, we went out to dinner at Faritys. Our servers name was Lauren. We were all eating our appitizers and Jack was jealous, and he started whining that he wanted bread and butter. Well, Lizzi decided to be the outgoing person she is and She yelled, "Excuse me, Lauren, can we please have some bread and butter for our table?" and our waitress looked shocked, and responded, "Of course." So Jack got his bread and butter, Lizzi got her pride of the night and me, Joni and my mom got a good laugh. When we got back, we were thinking of the names for our kids, and i said hers can be named Joey and Lizzard (Joe and Lizzi), and mine can be named Chuck Jonas (how much wood could chuck jonas chuck if chuck jonas could chuck wood) and Curly Jonas. Chuck Jonas was because my fave shoe is Converse and Chuck Taylors are another name, and Curly because Kev and I both have super curly hair. LOL. Lizzi and I went up to my room, watched the Miley and Mandy show, allll the Jonas Brother videos on their YouTube channel, the Demi and Selena Gomez show, SelGomez and some Demi videos... oh... btw. If you want a scare, play the scary maze game, or watch Daddies Little Girl Gets Scared on YouTube.... so funny. Lizzi and I also brainstormed ideas for our new season of 'The Liz and Cass Show.' Sooo funny... we practiced... a lot. We were up till 2:30 AM talking, on the computer and brainstorming. It was a lot of fun. Lizzi always has a pj disfunction when she sleeps at my house, because this time they were wet, because they came from the washer. She had to wear an oversized T Shirt we had to wear on the Philadelphia trip for school. Funny stuff. Tonight I'm going to her house to swim and stuff. Catcha later!!!!!

Cassidy :P

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cheetah Girls, Friends and more...

Heyy!! Did you guys watch the Cheetah Girls: One World movie? I did, and I went to a premir party at Chelsea's house with Madi, Morgan, Madi's sister's friend, Chloe and Chloe's friend Maci. The movie was ookk, but it was short. Overall 3 3/4 stars. Or if that is not a legal star rating, then a 4. After the movie, we went upstairs and ate ice cream cake, but it was like melted because Chelsea forgot to close the freezer. LOL. After the cake we went downstairs and played Rock Band, and Madi and I watched Chelsea get into the song she was singing, and when she saw we were looking at her, she got even crazier! Madi and I tricked her that someone walked in the room while she was singing, and when the song was done, she said, "It wasn't very nice for you guys to trick me like that." And we said, "Someone really walked in the room!!! Honest!!!' And she looked back and Dylan and his friend Mickey walked in the room... good timing!!! They played Rock Band with us for a little while, then we went up in Chelsea's room and played MASH. Then Madi had to go home :( BTW, Madi, if you're reading this, nice to see you again!!! I slept over Chelsea's house and when we woke up in the morning... we went to Six Flags!!!!!!!! Ryan took Jack, Chelsea, Chloe and I (Emelei didnt wanna go) and I had a BLAST!!!! We went on Skull Mountain, Nitro, The Dark Night, The Congo Rapids, The Runaway Mine Train and El Toro. Chelsea and I were going to do a lot more, but Chloe's retainer broke and it was hurting her mouth, but its totally ok, because Jack wasn't being the best sport because he wanted Dippin' Dots. Ugh. My new favorite ride is Nitro... it is sooo awesome!!!!! When we dropped Chelsea and Chloe off, we went back to my house and Jaden came over, and we were spraying wipped cream everywhere, and Ryan almost threw me in the pond.

Im excited for school to start, but im not. Here is a list of Pluses and Dis-umm---Pluses?

  • New School
  • New teachers
  • Bigger lockers
  • More freedom
  • More and new kids


  • New school
  • New teachers
  • More and new kids
  • Detention for being late
  • More responsibilitys

Im excited to go back-to-school shopping though!!!!! We may go to NYC, or the mall, or just shop online.... or maybe a little but if all 3!!!!

Current Status:

Loving: The Jonas Brothers, pink and my bed

Hating: My frizzy hair (not hating, but wanting it to be less frizzy and more curly)

Wishing: I was in NYC when the Jonas Brothers were there (sigh)

Hoping: My puppy doesn't go to the bathroom on my bed because she is sleeping with me... I'll upload a picture of her.

Wanting: Another teacup yorkie to go with Sweet Pea ha ha no one Sweet Pea is enough... I want... hmm... nothing at the moment.

Thinking: How the Jonas Brothers do a concert almost every night.... as tired as they probably are, they put soo much effort into each show.

Listening: To the crickets outside my window

Eating: Nothing

Watching: A Jonas Brother YouTube video

Ok, I seriously have to go...unpacking from Seaside...yay? And I'm tired from today and last night... we were up till 1:30 am. I'll write again tomorrow!!!!!


Cassidy :P

PS: I'm soo happy Camp Rock is now on DVD!!! I can't wait to get that and the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Featuring the Jonas Brothers dvd's tomorrow!!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


ewwie!! today we went swimming in the bay, which was rather gross if you ask me. (im not gonna use caps in this post because im too tired and lazy to lol) anyway. ok so we were out in the bay, and it smelled and stunk really bad. my mom and i were out in it, and wanted to see who was stronger: me or her. so we arm wresteled out in the disgusto bay, and soon later, she knocked me over, i was under water and took in about 5 mouthfulls of water. the water tasted like salt, fish, rotten seaweed and something else i cant put my finger on... o well. all the sudden i told my mom, " im not feeling so well" and she said" your fine you just took in a lot of water" well, she was wrong, because 5 seconds later, BELCH!!!!! i got sick out in the middle of the bay, and since then i have not been feeling so well. the funny part (and gross part) is this random kid swam through, not knowing that i just threw up, and took in a mouthful of water and spit it at another kid... right where i got sick!!!! i know... ha ha ewww!!! emelei and i decided to go back to the house and get showered (not in the same one, 2 separate showers lol), and when we got out her and i walked down a couple blocks to get ice cream. yumm.. vanilla soft serve.... but my 2nd fave is rocky road, but i thought that wouldnt be good for my stomuch. but anyway...

we went shopping today and i got 2 ah-dorable sundresses, a cover up, a tee shirt and this awesome DNKY black with white polkadot bathing suit. back to school shopping is next week.

tonight we walked down to the beach and watched the fireworks, but we didnt know this at the time, but they were on the boardwalk and we were 2 miles from it, so loan behold, we got the birdseye view.... but thats ok cuz i was too busy trying to talk to chelsea on the phone, stop joni, sophia and emelei from tackeling me AND watch the fireworks... o well.

ugh im soo tired, but yet i dont wanna go to bed... im tired but im not. ok this is confusing enough, i will post tomorrow about my umm... bungee jump... lol.

cassidy :P

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Seaside so far...

Heyy!! Seaside is fun (so far), but I'm lonely. Lizzi is away, Chelsea is busy busy busy and why the heck knows where everyone else is. Emelei has her BFF Sophia here, and Jack has his friend Edward here (ugh, this kid is a B-R-A-T!!!! More later...) so I was left in the dust. Not really though... I have my mom, Joni, Phyllis, Gloria and tomorrow 2 poodles are coming.... I know, my vacation friends rock. But anyway...

Sunday we went to the beach and Ryan and Stpeh came for the day. We went out pretty far in the ocean, but there were TONS of jellyfish, like, so many it felt like you were swimming with 50,000 pounds of jellyfish and only a bucket of water... that many. So I mostly laied out in the sun or picked some up and threw them on random people and then look away, as I had not done it. LOL. Monday Phyllis, Gloria and Joni had to go to a funeral so my mom watched me, Emelei, Sophia, Jack and Bratface aka Edward. We wnet out to a surf shop and bought boogie boards and went to get ice cream. We took our bikes out on the boardwalk and rode them up 17 blocks and back to our house (which is really nice, if I must say). When they got home from the funeral, Joni and I ordered something on eBay and then we wnet to the boardwalk. Man, those people GIMICK you!!! I mean, we go to the Seaside boardwalk almost every weekend for a few hours, but when you spend 6 hours there, the "Only $2.00 a person and you win everytime" people are ANNOYING!!!!! Tomorrow night we are going back and riding the rides... Emelei and I found a ride that has one loop that we are going to go on to get prepared for 6 Flags this weekend, and I am going to bungee jump over the ocean (sounds fun, right!? Ok, ok, my mom begged me to do it, so I said ok) with my mom. Then there is the Tower of Fear, which looks ok too. Today at the beach was an ok day. It was reeaallllyyy gross though. There were tons of dead jellyfish, crabs, stingrays (and yes, I mean STINGRAYS!!!!!) and fish. Is that a sign saying, "The Seaside waters are toxic, do not swim" or do stingrays die here everyday!?!?!?!? I don't know.... and I really don't want to!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so about Edward...

He is ok sometimes, but then again, he is mean most of the time!!!! He hits my mom, knocks everything down in the surf shop on purpose, turns Jack's Wii off on purpose when he is in the middle of a game, doesn't listen when we tell him you can't buy the stuffed animals on the boardwalk, you have to win them, doesn't listen when we tell him don't eat brownies 2 mintues before dinner, and when we were riding bikes, he said, "Angie(my mom), you are mean!!! You made my helmet too loose!!!" And he threw it out in the street. Ugh. Oh, oh, oh!!!! And the first day, he walked up to Jack and said, "Did you know that I hate you? I'm only being nice because I'm stuck here all week." And Jack wasn't Jack after that. He got all quiet and kept to himself for the rest of the day... poor guy. I mean, he IS my brother, but how would you feel is one of your friends said that to you?!?!? So I yelled at Edward, told him no more dessert for the week, and since then I have been the only one who can get control of him... accept when the other people get stern and threaten him something... LOL.

Current events:

Loving: The Jonas Brothers, snoopy and my bathing suit when its not covered in ocean crap.

Hating: Edward (not hating him... but strongly disliking), jellyfish and all the other dead sea life i mentioned before.

Wishing: I knew the Jonas Brothers

Hoping: I land this acting role(s) I'm auditioning for

Wanting: Some M&M's

Thinking: How Emelei and I played a prank on Sophia tonight by putting wipped cream in her hand and tickeling her nose when she was sleeping... tee hee.

Listening: To the humming of the ocean

Eating: Nothing but soon to be.... nothing. LOL

Watching: The letters appear on the screen... fastanating... i know

I will upload a picture of the loop roller coster and I will try to upload one of the bungee thing my mom and I will do, if not some pics. Oh, and I'm also doing a magic carpet ride with Emelei.

Cassidy :P

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Siiixxxx Flllaaagggsss

YAY!!! Today we went to Six Flags!! AHH!! Lizzi, Ryan, Jack and I went ( Em didn't go cuz she was at her mom's house, and haven't seen her since sometime this week because her dad died this week (her moms dad)) Lizzi was in Hurricane Haurbor with her family, so when we got there, we picked her up. The first ride we went on was the Runaway Mine Train. Jack lluuvved it, but we decided to go on Rolling Thunder next (my personal fave of the day!!) Then we went and had dinner. We went on Skull Mountain next... 3 times to be exact... ugh. By the time we were done with Skull Mountain, it had started to rain and they closed all the rides due to the weather!!!!!!! UGH!!! Lizzi and I were planning to go on El Toro and maybe even Kingda Ka! Ugh. We ended up going to the boardwalk thingy and played a few games. We got back to the house, and I sent my resume and headshot into a audition place. Then Lizzi realized she forgot her pajamas, and tried on mine They were HUGE on her!!! I may upload pictures later. So now we are sitting in my room, I'm updating my blog, and Lizzi is watching College Road Trip. This week until Thursday, I'm going to be in Seaside!!! OMJ I soo hope I have a computer!! OMJ!!! Its 12:53 AM!! You know what that means?! HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY JOE!!!! Happy, happy birthday, from all of us to you, we wish you happy birthday, so we can party too!!! HEY!!!!!!! AHHH!!!! WOO HOO!!! YIPPEE!!! Ok, now Lizzi is sleeping. I looked over to tell her something and... snnooorrreeee!!! LOL!!

Current Status:

Loving: The Jonas Brothers, pink and sleepovers
Hating: Pigs lol
Wishing: I was a famous actress
Hoping: I land at least one of these parts I sent if for (Pray for me!!!!!)
Wanting: To know the Jonas Brothers or at least for them to know that there is an 11 year old girl named Cassidy who ah-dores them!!
Thinking: How good the cookie is that I'm eating
Listening: The Miley Cyrus CD 'Breakout'
Eating: A chocolate chip cookie.... but now its a chocolate chip smooshie
Watching: Lizzi comb her newly flattened hair lol

Cassidy :P

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cape May, Week's Adgenda and more...

Heyy!! Back from Cape May!! I had a lot of fun.

We got in the hotel, and went t the beach for a little while. The ocean was freezing, so I laied out and built sandcastles with my dad's, friends daughter, Reilly. Her mom, Devon and Connor went to a wresteling match that night, so my dad, Jack, Reilly and I ate out, and I waited for them to come home. We realized we didnt have blankets, so Connor, Devon and I ran at 1:00 AM to the front desk, where they were waiting for us. The lobby was a 1/2 mile away. Saturday we went to the beach, pool and dinner. We went shopping later that night. Today we came home. We were stuck in traffic, so it took us 5 hours.

So here is what I'm doing this week:

Monday: Chillin and maybe shopping... hmm.
Tuesday: Buying the new Jonas Brother CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wednesday: Going into NYC to see the Lion King on Broadway, shop and prob other stuff... hmm. I'm sooooo excited!!!
Thursday: Chelsea?? Lizzi?? IDK what we are doing this day
Friday: Joe's 19th birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!! Horrah!!

Current events:
Loving: Jonas Brothers and NYC
Hating: My extremly curly, frizzy hair
Wishing: I had all access to an airplane that could fly me anywhere with anyone i wanted, 24/7.
Wanting: This awesome pair of Converse I saw!!! AHH!!!
Thinking: How I'm going shopping in NYC on Wednesday
Listening: To my air conditioner
Eating: Nothing
Watching: Jonas Brothers: Livin' The Dream

Ok, you are probably asleep by now, reading this veerryyy boring post, so go to and It will wake you up... lol.

I'll write soon!!


Cassidy :P

Thursday, August 7, 2008


CM stands for Cape May... and thats where I will be spending my weekend. I won't update this weekend, but when I get home Sunday, or early Monday morning, I'll update.

Tomorrow is my dads 40th birthday!!!! (Applause) So, yeah. Say Happy Birthday. Today I got my eyebrows waxed, and I told her to do a tad more off the top, and she like took the whole eyebrow off!!! They look ok now, but thats after I spent an hour looking into a mirror complementing them. LOL. I have like become upsessed with Converse, jean shorts and Ed Hardy tee shirts the last few days, so thats what I'm wearing all weekend. Or Ed Hardy converse.... idk. I'm so bored. Jack is sitting in my room watching Pheanis and Ferb, and I am dreading about how my eyebrows and how we were gonna go to NYC tomorrow for a Jonas Brother concert, part of Good Morning America, but my mom said it was too early and she has to drop me off at my dads house at 10:00 AM to go to Cape May, since he is taking me.

Current Status:

Loving: The Jonas Brothers, Converse, Ed Hardy t-shirts and jean shorts.
Hating: My eyebrows
Wishing: That I could jump on a train and escape to NYC
Wanting: A hug from the Jonas Brothers
Thinking: How I'm gonna tan this weekend :)
Listening: To Hold On, Jonas Brothers
Eating: Nothing but if swallowing my spit counts, yep.
Watching: The letters appear when I press the plastic key on the keyboard... lol I know, random

Ok, I got to go, and I know this post is veeerrryy boring.

Cassidy :P

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bio's on friends...

Ok, as I promised in my last post, here are bio's on my friends(and Jack, He's is making me):

Emelei: I have known Emelei for like, ever!!! Her fave color is purple, and she enjoys playing the Wii, her ds, drawing and much more!!! Her fave band is Earth, Wind and Fire, and enjoys listening to the Jonas Brothers, as long as I don't tease her that she likes them. (But deep down inside, I know she does) Emelei wants to be a dentist when she grows up. Her fave clothing brands are Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie and sometimes Gap and Limited Too. Her nicknames are Emey, Chiky, Em and Memelei. LOL don't ask how we got Memelei, it's a reeeaaalllllyyyyy long story. Emelei is soo one of my BFF's!!!

Chelsea: I have known Chelsea for a really long time, and with the time we have known each other, a lot has happened! When she comes over, we like to bake stuff, but a lot of our stuff goes ker-plop!!! Her favorite color is pink and she enjoys shopping and admiring the Jonas Brothers. Her fave is Nick, she says, "He is a hottie with a body and Nick is my hero." LOL. Her fave band is, you guessed it, the Jonas Brothers!!! Chelsea wants to be a model when she grows up. She loves to shop at Juicy Couture, Ed Hardy, Abercrombie, Hollister and much more!!! Her nicknames are Chels and Nicky. Chelsea is a best friend I will have forever!!!

Lizzi: When Lizzi moved here from California, I knew I had a best friend for life!!! We like a lot of the same things, like acting, the Jonas Brothers and shopping, and when I go to her house, or when she comes to my house, we like to make pointless Youtube videos, but we never have the time to post them!!! Lizzi's fave color is pink, and her fave JoBro is Joe. She quotes, "Joe is mine and he loves me, like Kevin loves you." Again, her fave band is the Jonas Brothers. Lizzi wants to be an actress, dancer or fashion designer when she grows up. Lizzi likes to shop at Hollister, Abercrombie, Pac Sun and Urban Outfitters. Lizzi's nicknames are Lizzard, Liz and Izzil. She has a blog... Check it out!! Lizzi and I have many good times, and that is what I look for in a best friend!!!

Madi: Madi and I have been friends for a few months, but in that time we have talked on the computer a lot!! Madi's fave color is blue, and her fave Jonas Brother is Joe, she quotes, "We have a lot in common! (list of stuff they have in commom). Yep, we were meant to be!!!'' Madi wants to be an inn keeper when she grows up. Her fave stores to shop at are Ralph Lauren, Hollister, Rue21, J-Crew and Forever 21. Her blog is I hope to be friends with Madi forever!!!!

OK, now for, ugh, Jack.

Jack: Jack is my 7 year old brother. He is totally upsessed with the game, Godzilla, and claims he is it's number one fan. Jack also enjoys Pokemon. His fave color is green, and his fave band is the Jonas Brothers. His fave Jonas song is Burnin' Up. He wants to be a plastic surgen when he grows up... LOL. He obviously doesn't like to shop, but most of his clothes are from Ralph Lauren. Yes, that is about Jack, and I really have no creative closing sentence for him.

I'm so bored now, so I will do a bio on me.

Me (Cassidy): In my spare time, I like tanning, shopping, admiring the Jonas Brothers, and updating this blog and iming my friends. My favorite color is pink, and my fave band is the Jonas Brothers, obviously!!!!! My fave Jonas Brother is Kevin, and I quote, "We will get married on the beach in the Bahamas." I love to shop at Hollister, Abercrombie, Juicy Couture, Ed Hardy and Pac Sun. When I grow, up, I would like to become an actress, dancer or fashion designer. My nicknames are Cass, Cassie, Kevers and Mrs. Jonas. Yep, thats about me!!!!

I will be posting soon so check back often!!!!!!!!!


Cassidy :P

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!!!!!

Ahhh!!!! I'm soo bored out of my mind right now!!! Madi, Chelsea, Lizzi, why aren't you on aim when I need you the most!?!?!?!? Going through a major crisis here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, Today was pretty boring. Well, not THAT boring, but compare to a fun day, it was boring. I decided that I'm going to update my blog like every other day now. Anyway, about today:

Jack had reading camp. Apparently, he loved it. While he was gone, Emelei, Joni and I made a cake. I'll upload a pic of it later. When the cake was baking, Joni ordered microphones the other day, so we were singing a bunch of songs. Then later on, Sophia, Phyllis and Gloria (family friends) came over for dinner. We had stuffed artichokes and pizzi... yummm!! Umm, let's see. Jack and I watched the Teen Choice Awards again, and I looovvvveeee it!!! So did Jack. (Pssst!!! He has a celeb crush!!!) It never gets old, I swear. Right now, I'm updating my blog and watching the Hannah Montana episode with the Jonas Brothers. (Sigh) Oh, and I'm soo excited!!!! Lizzi and I were iming and we are thinking of sharing an agent so we can start auditioning for stuff!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!! Horray, harrah, WEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also made a new signature to sign emails (I'll sign this post with it) and my signature red carpet pose, and my pose with my Jonas boyfriend while we are on the red carpet together (LOL). My red carpet pose alone is with my legs crossed and a peace sign, and my Jonas boyfriend pose is with our arms around each other and again, the peace sign. Sorry, but ever since I was 3 I have been upsessed with it, in alllll my pics I'm holding up the peace sign.

Today, I was thinking of my 3 wishes. If a geanie popped into my room now, this is what I's wish for.

1. For unlimited wishes. Everytime I wished something, I would just say it and POOF!!! I would have it!!

now with the other 2 wishes...

2. For everytime Hollister, Abercrombie, Juicy Couture and Ed Hardy came out with a new clothing item in Womans that i liked, it would appear in my gigantic closet.
3. For the Jonas Brothers to be my BFF's!!!

And then all the unlimited wishes, but I won't mention them.

Here is my Current Status:

Loving: The Jonas Brothers, sour gummy worms and my pj's.
Hating: Cape Cod potato chips
Wishing: For a geanie to pop into my room and grant me those 3 wishes.
Wanting: A credit card (My dad canceled mine cuz i kept going over like my limit.... by A LOT!!! LOL)
Thinking: How I want to go shopping in Cape May this weekend.
Listening: To Hannah Montana tv show
Eating: A sour gummy worm
Watching: Hannah Montana

Oh, I just wanted to let 'yall know that I am going to be doing bios of my friends (well, only the ones that I actually talk to in the summer) in my next post.

Ok, Here is my new signature

Cassidy :P

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Atlantic City, August Faves and More...

Heyyy guys!! Atlantic City was soo fun! Like always. LOL. Here is a breif summery:

We got in around 2:00 pm and went up to the room. We stayed at the new hotel called The Water Club. Emelei, Jack and I ordered room service for lunch, and watched Nim's Island. Later on, we went shopping at Hearts On Fire, a diamond jewelry store. It was a new one in our hotel. Emelei and I got matching diamond necklaces with a circle on them, representing the circle of life. I know my way around all the casinos and the grounds of Atlantic City, I can walk from my hotel to the Borgota with my eyes closed.... but that's also because they're connected. LOL. We met up with my mom's friends, Lyndia and Belin, and we went to Wolf Gang Puck's for dinner. After dinner, my mom, Joni, Belin and Lyndia went gambeling while Emelei, Jack and I stayed up in the room. We had two joining rooms, and Jack was in one playing the computer, and Emelei and I were in the other watching College Road Trip. We were going in the other room, but when we got into the other room, we locked ourselves out of my moms room. We had to call my mom to oped the door. We ordered ice cream sundeas up to the room and finished watching the movie. The next day, we went in the indoor pool and swam for a while, and ate lunch back in the room. Then later on we went shopping before the concert. We went shopping at this store... umm... and I'm not too sure of the name, but I think it was Whim. I got an Ed Hardy sweatshirt and Juicy Couture shirt. We walked in the concert arena and litterly, these seats were amazing!!! we were like 8 feet away from the stage. It wasn't anything compare to the Jonas Brothers, but it was still an awesome concert!!! The next day, we went to the boardwalk and went in the Riply's Beveive it or Not! mueseaum. It was ok... but it was creepy at parts. Then we had lunch in the Trump Taj, my all time fave hotel... but mostly because it was my 2nd Jonas Brother concert and it was there... lol. Then we went shopping at the candy store, and a purse store and I got a Juicy tote that I'm using for school.

Ok, maybe not THAT breif, but there was a lot i didn't mention, so don't blame me THAT much for liking to talk and type. LOL. Here are my August Faves:

Color: Hot Pink
Food: Shortbread cookies with milk
Lip Gloss: Bonnie Bell Cream Pop
Perfume: Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue
Clothing store: Juciy Couture and Ed Hardy
Book: Criss Cross... ugh
Drink: Lemon water
Song: Pushin' Me Away, Jonas Brothers
Goal: To shop and try to be pleasent these vacations that keep popping up LOL

Ok, my last topic. My newest edition.... Current Events.


Book read: Clique Summer Collection: Dylan
Song sang: 7 Things 5 minutes ago
Words said: Oh my god Emelei, You SCARED ME!!!!!
Movie Watched: College Road Trip
Shopping Trip: Today
Person emailed: Me a list of stuff lol otherwize Lizzi
Vacation: Today

Loving: Clothes, shopping and the Jonas Brothers
Hating: Braces (just got a bag of gummy worms and I have to suck on them)
Wishing: I had front row seats to all of the Jonas concerts and backstage passes.... oh and they were my BFFLES!!!
Thinking: How hot the Jonas Brothers are!!! LOL
Doing: Watching Princess Diaries and updating this blog
Wanting: To hug the Jonas Brothers
Reading: Criss Cross
Eating: Milk and Cookies
Watching: Princess Diaries
Listening: To they people talking on Princess diaries lol

Ok, this is loonnnngggg enough. I'll write soon!!!