Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tubing in the Poconos

Heyy! Today I woke up early. Why? Because I was going to the Poconos for the day to go tubing. Here is a list of people who went...

  • Me
  • Chelsea
  • Madi
  • Morgan (Madi's sister)
  • Emelei
  • Lisa (Madi and Morgan's mom)
  • Jodi
  • Donald
  • Donnie
  • Chloe
  • Dylan
  • Mickey
  • Lauren (Dylan's girlfriend)
  • Chelsea's aunt
  • Chelsea's uncle
  • Amanda (Chelsea's cousin)
  • Jack

I think that was it. Anyway, we all had soooo much fun! There were like soo many places to tube down. To get to the top of the mountain you had to take a conveyer belt to the top. Sometimes it would stop and we would all fall *we including Madi, Chelsea and I* Madi and I would stand next to each other on the conveyer belt and we would make up songs about the scenery and our feelings and stuff like that. We also said things like...

"Our songs are soo going to top the charts on iTunes. We are at the top of the mountain and the Jonas Brothers are a grain of sand in the road. Thats how much higher we are then them on the charts."


"You know what? No. We are at the top of an ice berg and the Jonas Brothers are 1/8 of a piece of guppy poop at the very bottom of the ocean."

We love 'em, but ya know, we are just too gooooood for them!! LOL.

After a while we went in the lodge to have lunch. Jack and Chloe freaked out because there was no mac and cheese, but we solved the problem by getting 2 pizzas. After lunch we went back out in the snow. We had to wait in like an hour long line because we had to get a ig tube to fit a lot of people. It was worth it....sorta. We had to roll out of the tube at the top of the conveyer belt thing and litterly...roll out. My hands are soo scraped...but it was so funny.

At the top of the mountain there were people that had to tell you when to stop, go, push you, blah blah blah. So we told them that I was... a Korean exchange student that is homeschooled in Egypt because my parents can't handle me, but my parents are Jamican and have an Italian accent. Madi would say.... you are by far the most wonderful tenitant of the day...and thats W-O-N-D-E-R full. This one person actually bought my story about my life, and she said... oh my god. Were you adopted? Chelsea said, No. We found her on the side of the road and decided to bring her with us. Then Chelsea said when she was about to push me down, Have fun Cassidy! And I said, " Oh my god! YOU NAMED ME!"

So overall it was ah-mazingly fun! Read Madi's blog because she might give you more details about it. Plus, she needs to get to 100 posts by the end of this year...which is tomorrow... so lets support her and hope that she does it!!!!!


Cassidy <3

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bored To The Bone

Heyy! I haven't posted since like Christmas!! I've just been busy! Here is a quick (but not really quick) recap:

Saturday: I took Twiggy on a walk down to the end of my very long driveway. While we were walking I called Lizzi *WHO IS IN CAL-I-FOR-NIA!* and we were talking on the phone. I put her on speaker and she was talking to Twiggy. It was so cute! When I got back to the house I got on the computer and Lizzi and I were on webcam. It was soo much fun but my connection was like scratchy and it kept booting me off. Oh well.

Sunday: Didn't do much today. I was on the computer most of the day IMing Madi and on Polyvore making sets, then Madi and I would tell each other, we would look at them, comment on them, blah blah blah. I made like 15 new sets and I think they were fairly good. Later on we went to the mall but I didn't get anything because I was with my dad and brother.... and it could be a little awkward walking into Abercrombie and Fitch with your dad. So instead Jack went to the game store or whatever and then they went and had dinner while I walked around in the book sotre to see if there were any new magazines that I didn't have yet... nope. I texted my mom and she said that tomorrow we can go back because we have to get snow stuff because on Tuesday Chelsea, Madi, Chloe, Jack, Donnie, Dylan, Jodi, Donald, Morgan and Madi's mom....well we are all going to the Poconos for the day to go tubing. We are also going back to the mall tomorrow because I have soooooooooo many... and I mean SOOO many gift cards. From A&F to F21 so yeah. She was also going to talk to the Verizon cell phone people because I may be getting the enV2 soon!!! Oooh yeah!

So here are some of the sets I made on Polyvore today:

Do you love me? by ActressCa11

To: Madi by ActressCa11

Should I love you? by ActressCa11

Dream by ActressCa11

Livin' On A Prayer by ActressCa11

Love is blind? by ActressCa11

Juicy girl by ActressCa11

Ok thats enough of those but those are only some of them. Remember my account is ActressCa11 if you want to look at more! I'll post soon again.

Cassidy <3

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Heyy!! Merry Christmas! Here is waht went on between today and yesterday...

Around 3 Sam, Joni, Emelei, my mom, Jack and I piled in the car and drove to Joni's brother, Robert's house. When we got there, Emelei and i had to leave with her Aunt Janet, Uncle John and Samantha to go to church. It was so awful and boring, and there were 2 annpying girls sitting in front of us. After church we went back her her brothers house. When we got there, Kristen and Johnny, her neice and nephew, were there, We all sat in the living room and talked for a while. We ate dinner and went in the formal living room and opened presents. From her brother (Robert) I got a gift card, chocolate and goldfish. Samantha got me a Juicy charm *Hmmm*, Janet got me a bag full of little cute things and gift cards and Joani and Bob Showers ave $$$$$$$$$$$!! We got dessert and Samantha, Sam, Kristen, Johnny, Emelei and i went back in the reg. living room and played sharades with Jack as the actor, so he got all the sugar out of his system. Sam told him to act like Obama, and Jack acted out a monkey! It was hilarious! We went home and Linda and Erin *Sam's girlfriend* were there. Erin got me a clock that is shaped as a guitar, something else but I gotget what it was *haha*, and Linda gave me $50.00 and a gift card to Ulta.

Today Jack woke me up at 7:15 and we went downstairs to open presents. Here is what I got...

5 Juicy Couture charms~ a Christmas tree, ice cream cone, a gold J, a gold heart and a Juicy converse...and the charm Samantha got me.

3 Juicy shirts

2 Juicy necklaces

A huge Juicy purse

A black flip video camera

Shirts from Victoria Secret *One of my ffaavvee stores!!*

And more from like aunts and uncles.

How was your Christmas? Comment on your favorite gift/gifts!

Cassidy <3

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Oooh yeah. Holiday sprit?

Ok, so Lizzi and I were iming this morning about stuff, and how she is, Twiggy, and stuff like that. She went to my blog, read that there were comments on my last 2 posts. Here they are:

*Sorry :-(* post:
no one likes hearing about you bragging about all the stuff you got!! SOME PEOPLE CAN'T EVEN AFFORD FOOD
so go donate to them instead of spending your money on stupid designer stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and your a snobby label wearing brat

*Under the sea* post:
It's obnoxious to brag about all the amazing stuff and how rich you are and OMG I GOT TO GO TO JUICY COUTURE!! you know some people are so poor they can't even afford any clothes

So whoever is doing this, stop. It just shows what a pathetic loser you are to pick on someone like this. How do you know if I'm rich or not? By what I have? Is it really your business?

Come on. If you think that these comments are goign to hurt my feelings, stop where I shop, what I do and what I blog about, YOU ARE SO WRONG! So if I were you, I would stop now, because when people do this to me, we always have police that can investigate. Not trying to scare you....

Anyway, back to my point. You know who you are who is commenting. If this post effends you, cry me a river, build yourself a bridge and get over it!

Cassidy <3

Monday, December 22, 2008

Sorry :-(

Heyy! Sorry I haven't been posting as much as I used to. Winter break starts Wednesday, so over the break I'll be posting more. Let's start with this weekend:

This weekend was kinda boring... I didn't really do much. Saturday Emelei, Joni, my mom and I went to the Willow Grove mall to get our Christmas outfits. Mine is a Calvin Klein dress, Coach shoes and a Marc Jacobs sweater. After that we went to Halmark to get cards and small gifts for some more people. For dinner we went to The Cheesecake Factory. It was soo good! When we got back I went up to my room and IMed people. I accidently hit my lamp with my foot, so now it's broken. Haha.

Sunday I went and got my nails done for Christmas, went to the grocery store, and then Lizzi came over. We are watching her dog Twiggy while she is in California over the break. We went on the computer, talked, played with Twiggy and ate... lol. Then she left.... *tear tear*.

Today in school was kinda boring/kinda exciting. It was a team day, so we didn't have to learn anything. We went to every team class and made holiday crafts. We were having a 6th grade hockey game, so our homeroom had to choose a girl to play in it. Our homerrom chose Francesca... or AKA Franny!! I was excused form gym so while I was in the library I made a sign for her, and my friends and I held it up. Kids lost 11 to 13 against the teachers, but it was still fun to watch.

Today was also spirit day, so we had to wear out Timberlane blue and gold shirts. Turns out that everyone else forgot that it was spirit day, so I was like the only one in the grade that wore my shirt. I felt very weird. Haha.

Ralph Lauren by ActressCa11

Cassidy <3

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Under The Sea

Heyy! So yesterday Emelei, Joni, my mom and I went to NYC for the day. Beffore I get too far into the story, I'll start at the begginning:

I got ready for about 3 hours, made some sets on Polyvore, and then grabbed something to eat in the kitchen. There was a knock on the backdoor, and I opened it. Our driver, Brian, was there waiting for us with a long, shiny, black streach limo. We climbed in, cranked up the music and drove to New York City. On our way there... we passed the Statue of Liberty! LOL... I know... random... but it was soo cool! We finally got there, and Brian dropped us off in front of the show.

The show we saw was The Little Mermaid. We walked in the theatre, got a couple shirts, went to the bathroom and sat in our seats. We were in the 3rd row. The lights dimmed, Joni tickled me, I screamed, everyone looked at me and the first scene came on. It was one of the best shows I have ever seen!

After the show, we met Brian out front and he drove us to the Juicy store!!! WOO HOO! We kinda got lost on the way there, but I called Chelsea and she gave us directions. Phew! When we walked in there, my mom and Emelei stayed on the 1st floor to look around while Joni and I shopped on the 2nd floor. I got a new Juicy hoodie that says 'Love New York' and then they cross off the New York and write Juicyu, a new t-shirt, slippers and a long shirt/dress thing. Emelei got a Juicy gumball machine, I got a bunch of gifts and we got our 2 dogs stockings.

For dinner we went to Tavern on the Green. It was soo good! The rooms were all decorated for Christmas. 5 cameras walked in following a family and Joni screams "Oh my GOD! Cassidy! Didn't you hear!? The JONAS BROTHERS are coming!" Of course, she was fooling around. All the girls surrounding us didn't know that though. They looked at our table, screamed and fixed their hair. Family friends, Arther and Gary, met us at the restruant. We payed, went to the gift shop and we got a parrt that repeats what you say. So me being stupid and high on sugar, I walked up to the parrot with Emelei, said, "Shut up you as*hole". It only repeated the last word, and when it did, it repeated it like 5 times! Then we went to a room upstairs to hang out and I took pics of a bride and groom! Don't worry. They asked me to :-)

We left, got in the limo and went to Arther and Gary's apartment. They have the most ah-dorable cats...and guess what!? My mom said that soon we can get one!! AHH! I miss my kittys sooo much..........:-(

We left, got in the limo and got home at 11:30.

I know, an exciting day!

Today were the play auditions, and Ms. Husami's birthday. Our room was all decorated for her 30th birthday, it was all over Live on 85 (the school news broadcast) and we had a party for her at the end of the day.

The play auditions were long but fun. I didn't try out this year, but I was there to support Lizzi. We waited so long that we finally told the people that she had a doctor appointment so she hasd to go then! Hahaha!

Gotta go... still have to finish homework :-(

Cassidy <3

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Its Snowing... *again*

Heyy! So around 12:00 today when Lizzi and I were on our way to science, we looked out one of the back doors and snow was pouring from the sky. It looked soo pretty. Since then, it has been snowing...

It looks so pretty when it's on the ground
It is pretty falling from the sky
It may give us a snow day tomorrow. This is good because Emelei and I won't be at school tomorrow because we are going to NYC to see The Little Mermaid

It canceled the High School Musical auditions, so Lizzi had to rescedual for Thursay

Yup. So advantages over rulled the dis-advantages.

At the end of the day Lizzi, Sarah, her boyfriend Tyler and I all walk out. We wait for him at the intersection between the hallway my locker is in and the hallway his locker is in. So when we were waiting there, I saw him packing up. Like 2 minutes passed and he "didn't" come. I looked at Sarah and I said "Sarah I swear I just saw him at his locker like 2 seconds ago" She looks at me like im stupid and I discovered that he was standing right in the middle of us the whole time!! It was so funny.

Today in science we had to finish disecting owl pellets. It was BEYOND gross. The guy I was with, Chase, blew the fur and right when he blew, I breathed it all in. I had like digested mouse/owl/rodent/bord feathers in my mouth. It was soooo gross!!! I wish we did the online version.

In social studies we had a sub named Mrs. Hopkins. She is an old, crabby lady... but I got on her good side my kissing up. When I walked in the classroom it smelled like old people and moth balls. I tried to spend as much time as possible out of the rancid smelling room.

New signature!! *Again* LOL!

Cassidy <3

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!

Heyy! Sorry I haven't posted. Yesterday was my birthday, and it was the best ever! Here is my review:

I woke up at 5 (Like always) and I got dressed, brushed my teeth, blah blah blah. Then I heated up breakfast and watched TV with Sweet Pea. My mom, Jack and Joni woke up so then I opened my presets. I got a pair of Juicy Couture shoes, a Juicy hoodie, another Juicy coat (leopard!!) Juicy earrings, a Juicy necklace, and like 3 other things that im forgetting but I don't feel like walking downstairs. So then I went to school, and all my friends told me Happy Birthday. I thought that was bad... When lunch came around the table I sit at started singing Happy Birthday to me, and the janitor heard. He handed Lizzi a microphone and this is what she said...

"Attention! Attention! Today is Cassidy's birthday! Let's sing Happy Birthday to Cassidy on the count of 3. Remember, her name is Cassidy! 1...2...3!" And the cafeteria exploded in the song. I was soo embarrassed I was like hiding my face and lauhging so hard tears were coming down my face. It was so nice of them though. Then in health they sang to me, science they didn't (thank GOD!!!), computer class they sang to me and again in math.

My mom picked me, Emelei, Chelsea, Lizzi, Jaden and Tori up from school and we came back to my house. I opened their presents, we talked, watched movies and all that stuff. Jaden had to go, and then Chelsea's mom and Chloe came. Then Sam and Erin, Ryan, Steph, Phyllis, Gloria and Sophia came.

A lady came to the front door with a vase of flowers. The vase had wrapping paper over it, so she came in and I was like, "Uhh thanks Jack." (He "bought" them for me) The lady said rip off the wrapping paper, so I did. I was looked around in the vase, not knowing what to expect. All the sudden a frog started swimming, and I jumped back and screamed!! So now I have a pet frog. Haha.

We also pranked called people. Here is the convorsation between Lizzi and Chelsea's brother, Dylan. (She is talking in an australian accent)

L: Hello. Am I speaking to Dylan?
D: Yeah...
L: Hello Dylan! I hear you have a girlfriend. Would you like to buy a genuine diamond necklace for only $19.95?
D: Absoultly not!
L: Why? It's a perfect deal!
D: It sounds like crap,
L: Fine, I'll give you a 50 cent discount.
D: 50 cents? Thats a rip off.
L: 2 dollars>
(Hangs up)

Ok, and here is the convo between me and Donnie:

C: Hello! Am I speaking to Donnie?
D: What do you want, Cassidy.

So we were like talking, then I had to go. They both came over later and Lizzi revealed her identity to Dylan. Dylan played the drums, we talked, looked at pictures from when we were all in the Bahamas, so on and so on.

Now I have like $120 dollars in iTunes money...(dont ask...lol)

Lizzi slept over and we were talking till about one o'clock. Then we went to bed. She just left cuz she had dance *tear tear*

Gotta go!!

-Cassidy <3

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Reporting to you at 7:13 AM

Heyy! This can't be too long, on the fact that my mom is taking me and Emelei to school in about 5 minutes. But I decided to post...

Ok, my last post was about the really rude IM. I was mean to him yesterdasy, but oh, am I just getting started! Lizzi and I looked at comebacks last night, I printed some that will make him feel small and helpless against the huge world. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha. Does it feel good to be evil, or what!?

Yesterday in school was really boring. I took an extra credit spanish test to add to my grade, went over a science test, played a game in math with my crazy friend, got on the bus, blah blah blah.

Today in Ryan's 26th birthday!!! Horray! He is coming over tonight so we can P-A-R-T-Y!!! I'm so excited. Then tomorrow we have a half day, Thursday is dance and Friday is my 12th birthday!!! Ooohh yeeaaahhh!!!!!!

I woke up at 4:30 this morning, and couldn't fall back asleep. I watched 2 episodes of The Hills, played a pointless game on my stupid cell, got dressed, got ready, came downstairs, took my puppy outside, make breakfast, woke Emelei, Joni and my mom up, ate breakfast, watched the weather and now I'm blooogggiiinnnggg!!!

Mom is honking the car horn. Gotta go.

-Cassidy <3

Friday, December 5, 2008

It's Hard To Be Pleasent When You're So Mad You Are About To Blow Your Top

Oh. My. Jonas. So today I was on AIM after school, (like usual) and all the sudden I get a nasty IM from this kid I absoulutly hate. I'm not going to name any names, but let me tell ya. It was mean. It was hurtful. It was so mean Lizzi and a couple of my other friends said something to this person. It. Made. Me. MAD!

OMG! So I didn't do so well on my spanish test and my spanish teacher called my mom to talk to her about it. Well, my mom wasn't home, so I answered the phone. I thought it was one of those people trying to sell things, so I answered in a weird voice. When she said it was Susan Phillips, I paniced and hung up. At the same time, I was angry at myself, sad, worried and laughing my guts out that I did something like that.

Uh oh. Lizzi's here and knocking. Gotta go.....

-Cassidy <3

ANGER by ActressCa11

Thursday, December 4, 2008

High School Musical

Heyy! Lizzi, Tori and I went to a meeting after school to find out the spring musical, when the auditions are and stuff like that. We found out the play is High School Musical, and I forget the rest. I'm not sure if I'm auditioning yet...

So after school Lizzi came over. We did homework, ate dinner, IMied people (hahaha...she will get that hahaha), sang while we got dressed for dance, and went to dance. We saw Chloe and Jodi in the waiting room, and we talked and studied for the science test tomorrow.

We saw our costumes in dance and they were FABULOUS! They are green, sequienced dresses with black fringe at the bottom with fishnet stockings. We learned a new routine in dance for Christmas and we dance to "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" by the Cheetah Girls. It is kinda boring, but oh well. She said it would get more upbeat, so lets hope shes right.

Tomorrow I have a MAJOR science test. It's 6 pages long... ugh. Everyone I've talked to said it is really easy, and they didn't study... so I hope that they're right.

Spanish. Is. Driving. Me. Nuts. She teaches soo fast, and it seems like everyone in the class understands but me. I even pay attention!!! It's soo depressing. I should have chose french. Everyone says thye already know more from 4 months of french classes than they do from 4 YEARS of spanish.

Gotta go..... study more. (Just in case ;-) )

-Cassidy <3

Love Me or Leave Me by ActressCa11

(My most recent set)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy December!

Heyy! Sorry I haven't posted. Anyway, HAPPY DECEMBER! Ahh! I'm so happy! 10 days till my birthday and 23 days till Christmas! I posted my December Faves on the side.

Today at school was boring, but not as boring as yesterday. When we were in science, I looked at the clock and only 10 minutes had gone by, when I thought it was almost time to go. Today, science was a tad quicker. At least we didn't disect owl throw up like all the other classes did. Gross much? Sadly, we have to do it, but our science teacher doesn't know the date yet.

In gym today we had to play a team bonding activity with our squad. We stood in a circle and had to toss a foam ball to each other, and we had to keep adding more in. I accidently hit this one kid in the head, because he wasn't paying attention, and he ran after me and was grunting. It was funny, but scary, because god only knows
what would have done to me.

Spanish was one word: horrible. I totally forgot about an oral test we had today nad when she asked me what I needed for science class, obviously in spanish, I relpied no. I didn't know what she meant! Ahh! I feel like such a failure. :-( Haha.

Got to go finish the butt load of homework that I have. Ugh.

-Cassidy <3