Sunday, June 28, 2009

NYC Is The Place To Be!!

Heyhey! I just got back from New York City a few minutes ago, so I decided to post. I had so much fun!! 

When we got there yesterday, first we went up to the apartment. My mom and Joni were finishing getting ready, so I just sat there and texted. Haha. Once they finished we left. For lunch we went to this restaurant that was a chocolate restaurant. {Mostly} everything you could order was chocolate... chocolate pizza, chocolate soup, etc. Pretty gross... if you ask me. I just don't like chocolate that much... hahaha. After lunch we went and saw The Blue Man Group on Broadway. It was a really good show... but creepy at some parts. Emelei, Sam and I were in front of my mom, Joni, Linda and Jack, so we had to wear ponchos to keep from paint splattering on us. We looked so funny haha. At one point the blue men were eating Twinkie's, and it started coming out of a hole in their shirt. It was really just mushed up banana, but it was still really gross!!! After the show we went shopping a little bit, and I got a few t-shirts. Then we went back to the apartment to freshen up for dinner. For dinner we went to some French restaurant in the Meat Packing district. After we finished, we went back to the apartment and went to bed. Haha. 

Gotta go...dinner is here!!

Cass <3


Francesca said...

NYC is amazing (: I lovee the meatpacking district for some odd reason... Hahah (:

Cathy said...

Wow Franny :)

And I'm glad you had fun in NYC. And yeah i don't like chocolate pizza that much either haha!